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    Hey everyone, I had to take off some time to stablizie my life. Now that it's well stablizied i'm down to start roleplaying again. I am still here to play people's crushes but I am going to have it a bit more focused on series I know.
    That being said, if you have someone you'd like me to play for you from the series listed below simply send me a picture of who you'd like and we can discuss!
    Sub leaning but Switch

    Celebrities - Egirls: Anything goes for this. Any woman in these categories is on limit.

    League of Legends
    Rainbow 6 Seige

    Marvel movies
    Disney Movies
    Jurassic Park/World
    I can play any character from a movie in a different setting as well. AU of sorts

    The 100
    The Wheel of Time
    Same here for with movies, I can play a character from a show in an AU of sorts

    Attack on Titan
    Jiu Jiutsu Kaisen
    Demon Slayer
    My Hero Academia


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