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  • First request! plz be nice!

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hello you all! I want to do a few rps, looking forward to meeting you! Dont be shy to ask questions though, no matter how embarrassing or perverted

    1. A petplay rp, best case where im your pet and you are either a harsh or gentle owner, I want it all, eating out of a bowl, going on walks, stuff like that! We can talk about the details such as my gender and stuff in private!

    2. A chastity rp with a either male or female dom, idm. The main priority is that im unable to cum with my dick and require pleasure from my ass to cum, best case if this is tied with sissification, stuff like cross dressing and acting feminin. Would like a slow going rp for this!

    3. Dungeon type of rp with lots of monsters, for me to overcome. Of course they are all lewd in one way or another and the buildup is slow, i would love this rp tp be a GM type of rp with equipment, tools and more and more lewd getting armour!

    4. More tabbo type, so a beastiality warning. Basically this would be me getting attacked by a pack of wolves or something simmelar and be slowly turned into the fuckslut for the pack, this can change quite alot depending on your own preference but one thing i would love to have included is me slowly adapting the trains of the animal fucking me, for example wolfs giving me sharp teeth, a tail, better se senses and Wolf ears

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