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    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hail traveller! I see you have just came across my request thread!
    I am drawn into fantasy and sci fi based roleplays
    I don’t enjoy slice of life or modern settings 

    Settings :
    As I said I am most interested in fantasy or medieval settings with lots of magic and creatures. RPG style roleplay.

    Plots :
    Plot and storylines are unique to each role play, so I would rather have a paring first and then we can both pitch in to create a story worth writing for!
    but I do have a small plot made up in my mind that I would like to try out x
    right now I’m craving playing an elf cleric against her adventuring party,
    maybe she is a party along side her father, who could be biological but an orc or something beastly as elf genes are stronger, a hunter satyr or centaur, who also has his pet wolf and twin orc brothers who likes to make her father watch as he takes the little elf.
    I do enjoy a variety of body types, so fat and muscular, but I love for them all to be very hairy, sweaty and musky with a huge veiny cheesy pp and large balls.
    I really enjoy exhibitionism elements right now too, so the men all walking around naked or with rather invasive boners and bulges, all of them rather perverted so they grope her and finger her at any given chance, in plain view of other people so like under the table at the tavern or grinding her on their laps, or just straight up fucking her

    (also! Maybe it could be a milfy elf against her son and some other adventurers for a little change to the story!)

    Pairings :
    I most enjoy playing as an elf, a cute little curvy elf just ready to be bred by a big oaf of a man. I love playing against the more beastly races found in fantasy games, such as Orc and Minotaur.
    Harems and reverse harems are super fun too!

    Here are some more pairings that I enjoy also
    Elf x Orc
    Elf x Minotaur
    Elf x Centaur
    Elf x Satyr
    Elf x Werewold
    Guard x Orc Prisoner
    Priest/ess x Demon
    Holstaur x Farmer
    Mother x Son
    Daughter x Father
    Centaur Girl x Adventurer
    Cleric x Adventuring party (three men) (craving big time x)
    Bimbo Warrior x Kitty Boy (any furry really) Healers (could be twin brothers!)
    Bimbo Milf x Tavern Owner (fat oaf of a man)
    Messenger Girl x Orc Blacksmith 

    Kinks/Fetishes :
    We all have our kinks and fetishes and I don’t shame! So tell me yours if I haven’t listed them already!

    Big fat men (super craving!)
    Big strong men (I love a very masculine man, hairy, musky, deep voice, large hands and feet.)
    Sweaty balls/armpits/feet and cock cheese
    Sloppy sex with lots of breast milk
    Curvy girls
    Fingering and excess saliva/cum/squirting
    Impregnation and breeding! I really into this rn x
    Abnormally huge cocks and balls
    Height play and large men (muscular or fat, either is a big turn on for me)


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