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  • Hidden Horror (male needed/teacher x student)

    A teacher who’s grown tired of his everyday mundane life. Who finds his repeated routine bland and uneventful. Who hides his hatred for the world behind a fake smile.

    Who’s only pleasures include the torture and murder of others, even that can get a little dull sometimes too.

    The world is grey until he gets a new student in his class. A girl who’s eyes are bright and warm, and who’s smile illuminates his world. He’d do anything to have her. He’ll  hurt anyone who tries to take her away. He’ll lock her up and corrupt her into loving him and him only if he has to. As long as she’s forever by his side. Then he is happy.


    Heres another rp idea from me, this time taking the form of a yandere!teacher x his new student!! Though there will be porn, I’m also expecting violence from the teacher with his victims, so if you aren’t too squeamish with that, then welcome aboard!!

    i don’t have too much planned plot wise, but my ears are open to any ideas for the rp, so feel free to hit me with your ideas!!

    as always, check out my preferences, and if you like what you me up so we can do this rp together!!!

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