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  • High School Dream (ERP) Me (multiple female) x You (Single Male)

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hey, I have a highschool RP in mind, where I take on the role of multiple girls, and you , either as a Principle / Vice-Principle / Teacher / Janitor. 

    Still setting up the based foundation of this whole thing

    It's mainly going to be like a text based rpg ? where in a way im the dungeon master ?? 

    My requirements are quite simple, 
    Okay with underage (as most will be 11-18 yr old high schoolers)
    Rape (Almost none of the sex is consensual) 

    The Characters are either canon chars (easier to find pictures), or can be made up OC using existing character's picture

    If you want to know more 
    Feel free to stop by : https://discord.gg/mdfUVSPs to check it out, it's still in a WIP stage

    Message me on : Hokori#9471

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