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  • I'd really love to write with this character in a fantasy setting. (MxF, looking for F)

    Mini Magi
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    Hi there! 

    While all of my characters are fun for me to write, this one in particular stands out a lot for me personally, and I'd love to pair him up with someone ASAP. 

    The tl;dr is that he is a selfish, cocky, belittling, but also competent and strong fixer. Someone whom people come to when every other option was tried out. Someone missing and the guards can't help? Go to the guy with the attitude. Need medicine? He runs a stall every weekend that sells most common medicines. Big monster? Got lost? Need protection? Bandit camp spotted? If your character has the gold, he'll make himself available. 

    Or so it usually goes. In other cases, he helps for free because it indirectly benefits him. In again other cases, he doesn't mind being paid back in services, such as bread from a bakery for free for a month or two, new furniture custom-made for his needs from a carpenter, or first pick when it comes to loot. The moral of his entire design and character is that behind all the snark and ego, might be a person that actually likes helping, likes people, but can't do so all the time for one reason or another.

    Roleplays that have worked really well for me with him in the past were:
    F finds herself homeless, and after living on the streets for some time, gets desperate enough to try and mug someone for money. Naturally, she goes for the one with the fur trimmed coat. That can't be cheap. Rather than just deal with her quickly in return, he offers her a meal, to listen to her story, and some sweet sweet revenge if they can strike a deal after the meal. 
    After a battle, or due to bad weather, F walks around almost aimlessly until finally finding a house along the road. After benging on the door, she collapses, and gets found by Yul who would treat her till she goes back to full health. 
    In need of an assistant, Yul goes to a slave trader, or an orphanage, to find himself to assist him with some mild labor, such as cleaning, cooking, and making some of his products on occasion. 
    Oh and those are not the only ideas I would write. If you have one of your own, go for it~

    I think the last thing worthy of note is that he has access to modern amenities, but I can't explain why without going through his entire backstory, so let's just leave it at that for now. This means indoor baths with hot water through a pipe with valves, food preservation with cooling, lights in the ceiling, and a few other things that escape my mind right now. All in all, I think he makes an excellent addition to anyone's character, so... wanna shoot me a PM? If you have any questions, I'll answer ASAP.


    OH! And ignore the notes about me currently not taking new roleplays. That's just there to stop roleplay invites that come out of nowhere, because most of the time I am full, and can only deny, deny, and deny again. That gets sad after some time, so if you read this, I'm open.


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