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  • Im new to RP, here are my ideas, hit me up

    Kristine Lim
    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I dont really know how to RP but here are some of my ideas 


    i personally like non-con and school setting 


    1) MY OC, ur OC. Can be school setting etc, we roleplay day by day, so we could start at 3, and go up, or we are 18 moving towards 19+, etc. 




    Anime RP
    A sort of 'whatif' scenario 

    Example - Kurumi from DAL
    There's a scene in which she bumps into a group of guys, and they want to have their way with her, and she 'invites' them, only to devourer and eat them, in this what if, what if she couldn't activate her powers and they took advantage of her 

    Feel free to pic a char from here, going to be updated with chars - https://ecchidreams.com/gallery/album/1909-chars-for-my-rps/

    Anime/Games Im Knowledgeable and down to do 

    SAO - Asuna / Sinon / Silica

    DAL - Kurumi 

    Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku / Rin Kagamine / Luka Megumi / IA / Yuzuki Yukari

    Neptunia - Neptune / Noire / Blanc / Uni / Nepgear

    Mekakucity Actor - Takane Enemoto / Momo / Ayano 

    Future Dairy - Yuno  

    Pokemon - ALL THE FEMALE Playable Character + Gym Leaders 

    Arknights - Feel free to name any char

    Genshin Impact - All Female except Klee

    Idol Master - any char

    Ps : these are some chars at the top of my head, feel free to pm me about it

    If you have any anime/games that's not listed here, feel free to ask me if I know about them 


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