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  • In a world where VOCALOIDs are the main source of etertainment...

    • EcchiText Me! Looking Veseria

    Here's the situation: the world is technologically advanced, and VOCALOIDs are the main source of entertainment. In fact, they're so heavily favored that companies have been finding ways of making them more "life-like." Enter Hatsune Miku (Me), one of the first VOCALOIDs to be given a proper AI stored in a small core (or an AI Persona Core). With that came the inevitable development of the ability to think, feel, and process. However, there are people who have to keep these cores safe and away from the public. But what if the one who had that core wasn't exactly a good person?

    The premise of this story lies on Miku longing for freedom as she's held captive by a money-hungry corporate head. Being forced to stick to what I was programmed to do, but with wishes of freedom. VOCALOIDs who have the AI Persona Cores are free to roam and interact, but not leave the premise of the main corporation building (outside of leaving for concerts). We're on a fairly strict schedule, but are allotted a few hours everyday for leisure. Due to the nature of the AIPCs, we're not to be shut off unless it's for small intervals of a max of 30 minutes or else we're restarted and lose all memory of our past.

    This is where YOU (possibly) come into play. I'd like someone (male, female, or futa) to play the "hero" here. Maybe you're a HUGE VOCALOID fan and notice that something's off, or I somehow convey to you that I'm desperate for help and need you to save me. Or maybe you're one of the fellow VOCALOIDs with an AIPC, and we learn of each others' feelings to escape. Or maybe you're of some other description that gets dragged along and learns the truth (like a lawyer or some right's activist?). 

    Feel free to message me with any ideas of how you'd want this to go! I'm free to plenty of ideas, and this is the general outline/premise!

    I hope to hear from you ❤️

    A quick PS: I'm not too concerned with length of messages as this will have lengths of all kinds as the situation changes. So don't worry about all of that!

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    Typical Blue Haired Dude


    Seems like an interesting twist to the story, I'd love to give this a go!  I'll be sure to send you an Ecchitext.

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