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    Just as a note, I will be playing as a Male in these scenarios and I am generally looking for females for the most part.

    Modern Ideas

    1. After a massive decline in human population and average births, international governments decided to put a temporary act in place to require women to undergo monthly breedings until a confirmed conceiving. My character could be certified as one of the elite breeders or could be another person that would be matched due to various reasons. Either way, it will end up with your character being bred thoroughly.

    2. You have been married for years now / been together with your boyfriend for quite sometime. Unfortunately, due to various factors your relationship with them isn't going very well. So you decide to go around and search for some excitement, which lead to my character finding yours, be it through word of mouth, dating app, through your son or daughter etc. Our characters relationships would start out more for excitement and physical needs. However we develop it from there is up to our characters! It could certainly end up more romantic, or more of a dom/sub sort of relationship. MILF characters preferred but definitely not required!

    3. A simpler plot line that's a little more vanilla. Revolving around some friends or family that slowly grow into something more as they get put into some sort of dire situation. For example, being forced to survive on an island or in the wilderness. Our characters could slowly evolve and thrive in their new environment as well as get intimately involved!

    4. Upon finding a gloryhole in the abandoned school building, my character would experience your characters techniques from across the wall. Visiting regularly and then transitioning to more bold public/exhibitionist acts. Perhaps having sex while hiding during class time, or walking around naked and collared in the park. Slowly but surely their acts would get more and more depraved as time went on.

    Fantasy Ideas

    1. My character would be initially picked up by a witch / mage / alchemist by chance such as being saved. Slowly, my character would be apprenticed to yours and assist wherever possible. However that leads to him being experimented on, which could lead to all different sorts of sexual situations. For this scenario, I'd prefer playing as a shota or just a younger character in general. 

    2. My character would be deemed as the hero of the land. As such he would need various strong party members in order to complete his quest. However, he decides to go around picking up the strongest and most beautiful women that he can find. Building relationships with them and learning whatever they can teach the fair hero. 

    3. Monster hunters and adventurers would be the norm in town. However instead of slaying the various monster girls, my character would attempt to befriend and tame them whenever possible. As such amassing a horde of different and varied monsters and dealing with the problems that come with it. Such as getting injured and dealing with it, hiding the girls from the common townsfolk, buying a home and spot for everyone to live in. Those sorts of acts between the downtime of adventuring and monster hunting. Super interested in doing this one in particular!

    Fandom Ideas

    For fandom rps, I'd definitely want to talk more in depth in terms of what characters you'd be comfortable playing as well as your preferences. OCs in the world are also fine with me!

    For a quick list of what I'd be interested in it would be Persona, Fate Series, Genshin Impact, Pokémon, RWBY, Nier, and Neon Genesis Evangelion to name a few off the top of my head.

    I'll update this whenever I have another good idea to roll with. Other than that, hope to hear from some of you! Have a wonderful time! o7


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