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    So I kinda plan to keep this color coded,course I'll probaly screw it up some time or later. That's besides the point! It will be updated every so often (at least I plan to) with new ideas or ones I like from other users

    Seasonal   can go many ways   kinky    soft    shota specific

    Those are really the only ones I could think of,but it works. This is of course just some ideas,I'm open to all! As with most of my ideas,the kinks included can be debatable unless otherwise stated


    Bad boy! 

    1. My character had destroyed the house  when they were home alone,from scraped up walls to ripped up furniture.  Your character had gotten tired of it and decided they'd teach my character a lesson.

    Where am I? 

    1. My character was drugged and your character took mine away to a place of there own (a basement,storage shed,wherever is completely private). Your character could do whatever with mine at this point. 

    2. My character was kidnapped,tied up in the back of your characters car and gagged to help keep them quiet. My character was then carried away into your house and set on a large bed to wait,for what felt like hours, till yours arrived. 


    Teased to submission

    I would like this to have a main them of taming,could be domestication or brat taming. It could also include overstimulation or edging and denial. There's lots of things that can be included! For domestication my character would be a furry,not an actual animal. I would like this one to have a more soft and dominant approach then a hard and demanding dominant approach.

    1. Your character finds mine and can't help but want to take it home. Your character finally grows the courage to go and offer mine a greeting. My character would accept the greeting and without a chance to say or do anything it would be picked up and carried off to your car. We would end up at the house and you would train my character to be the perfect pet,when my character didn't oblige yours decided to try a more....sexual approach.

    2. Your character and mine have been dating for a few weeks now and finally decided to try stuff out,when we were bickering over who would control we both insisted on the role. As usual in the relationship we had a little competition to find out who would dom,and that led to the situation now. My character sitting in yours lap and sensitive to every touch.


    What are you-! 

    There could be a gangbang scene if multiple people feel like doing this idea,or just multiple characters and one person,or you play some I play some

    1. My character is taking their daily route to school till suddenly they're pulled off the sidewalk and into an alleyway. Your character has been watching mine,stalking,they knew just the right moment. Your character snuck a sleeping pill into my character mouth and took them away to a more shady area of town,where they sell drugs and bang who they want. 



    1. MC has been coming to the daycare for a good few years, they are getting a bit old but the staff,one of which is YC, love him and his parents don't have the time to put him somewhere else. It's not much of an issue though,he's a big help with the younger children. YC tricks MC into something he would never be ready for.

    In this one I was thinking YC could be another student but if ya want they can play as a staff member.                                                               2.1(kid). MC was one of the younger kids and usually hung out by himself,he was often bullied as well by YC,suprising enough the two were never caught fighting,mostly because YC would take mine somewhere private. (Optionally) Sometimes YC would bring some of their friends.                                                                  2.2(staff). MC was one of the younger kids and usually hung out by himself. YC felt bad and would more then often play around with MC or try get them to socialize with the other kids. Course it didn't succeed any,as MC still spent his time alone. MC often got in trouble for back talk or being moody. Suprising enough they would make YC deal with me thanks to YC's ability to get me back in line. Course it wasn't just corner time that YC would sentence MC too.                              Small idea,if it intrest you maybe my MC's punishment any time they messed up was a day being YC's slave.

    3. MC and YC are best friends. I'm always getting in trouble and they didn't know what to do with me so they sent me to YC. YC would give me "private lessoning" as punishment.

    The witches/sorcerers assistant:

    In this one I'm hoping for a lot of edging and teasing,or if your into it we could do something with milk machines,which would focus mostly on POT (post orgasm torture) and of course milking machines,probaly some bondage too!

    1: MC was a demon and was the usual go-to for a magic user if they needed certain ingredients. The Magic users also signed contracts with certain demons,and this was the instance between MC and YC. YC had summoned MC for a "special" ingredient. For the potion they would be making they needed a whole lot of it too! 

    The boy and the tentacle: (as based on a story I've read somewhere)

    The year was 3076 and humanity was slowly being invaded by tentacle monsters. They would only target young,teen boys ages 10-16. MC was about to turn 14, the perfect age for their attack. He was just entering high school,or at least what he thought was high school. He soon found out that it was a trap, a place where tentacles lured victims that would never be seen for who knows how long.

    The milking industry: (another one based on a story I've read somewhere)

    Jail hasn't been the best way to deal with problemaric teens these days,most of which are boys! So the goverment has worked with certain company's to make a new kind of jail, a place where they can send teenage boys 13-17 to be milked past empty everyday. (Optionally,can be done by hand if toys aren't your thing)  they do this with countless machines and toys,all to humiliate and break down the boys,making sure they won't cause trouble again.

    My muse~: 

    Will probaly be heavy in body writing and painting.

    MC and YC were in the same art class and MC had thought much of yours. YC however was obsessed with mine, having countless drawings of them. 

    1. MC comes over to your house after being invited and was quickly taken advantage of, YC doing what they've dreamed of for so long.

    2. We were assigned as partners and had to work on our project. YC had asked mine to come over and help, this had consisted of mostly posing. YC knew mine was naive and had even led him to posing nude,eventually leading to more then just posing.


    The middle child : (most likely incest )

    MC was always looked down upon. They were the stereotypical middle child, considered a screw up and never once givin a chance to prove themselves. MC was especially picked on by YC, constantly being forced into the worst situations. 

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    Thanks! They're all pretty one-shot ideas tbh.....if any of them in particular stick out feel free to ecchitext and whatnot! 

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