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    Down below I’ll have a handful of plots meant to take place in different AU’s of RWBY. And while they are each in a AU, plz have a small understanding or the actual show/characters. 
    Please read my preference sheet and check my profile.

    Looking for female partners.

    Also I have “Comment Here First” for a reason.

    Also I’ll split the plots in two different categories cuz admittedly a good few them are based around a futa while the others don’t need to be. Also some of these plots are kinda Harem based but if you really don’t like to play as more than one character that will be fine.

    Futa Specific Plots: 

    #1: Salem’s Queendom.


    As the many centuries have passed, Salem grew increasingly bored with Male companionship so she eventually tried female companionship and rather enjoyed it. But as even more time went on she started to use her magic and control over Grimm to experiment with different ways to sleep with women. This all eventually lead her to turning herself from a female into a futa which she rather enjoyed. Now she’ll both reward her female followers with pleasure and “punish” her female prisoners with the same.

    For this play as any female characters, more than one IF you wish, who is either serving her or as a prisoner.

    #2: The Teacher LOVES A Pet.

    Most students, correctly so, believe Glynda Goodwitch is a strict headmistress who doesn’t seem to have any time or patience for students who don’t behave. However what most people, even Ozpin, don’t know is that Glynda is willing to let a select few female students get away with things from time to time for a trade. They can be given more liberties at school in exchange for them taking her “private tutoring classes”.

    For this play as any of the Beacon students, Cinder, Neo, and Emerald count too, and IF you wish you can be more than one.

    #3: The Teacher IS A Pet. 
    Glynda has a private class she like to teach to a very few select students. She offers herself up as a “physical health coach” for futa students and lets them use her to “train restraint”. The only real question is that, how much of her “training” will the students need from her.

    This is essentially the opposite of the previous plot. You play as Glynda Goodwitch and I’ll play any futa student(s) you wish.

    #4 The Queen Bee.


    Raven’s band of Bandits had a rule, “Whoever beats the Chief becomes the Chief and they have free rain to do whatever they want with the previous Chief.” Raven killed the last one but her daughter decided to keep her mother around as punishment for all the years she left Yang alone. And Yang has grown to rather enjoy both punishing her mother and running the gang of Bandits. She now thinks on what she should do with the gang.

    In this plot play as Raven, and/or other female characters who join or are forced to be a part of Yangs gang IF you wish.


    Other Plots:

    #1 Different Profession.


    A long time ago Remnant used to have Huntresses that would protect the Kingdoms and slay monsters to keep the people happy and content. However the order disbanded many years ago which has admittedly left the world a little more dangerous with no one pushing the Grimm back. But Grimm are attracted to negative emotions so a new business has started up. New “Huntresses” made up of new women, and some of the retired ones too, now preform a new way to relieve people of there negative emotions with there bodys.

    In this plot play as any female character, or characters, who now works for the Huntress Brothel. Whoever the customers are can be decided between the us.


    #2 Obligatory Mind Control Plot, But It’s A Shota.

    Team RWBY is sent on a mission to save a boy who has been captured by The White Fang -or Salem’s Faction if you prefer- and they are successful by one of them sneaking in and freeing the boy while the other three distract the enemy. The other three retreat while the one takes the boy but is force to hide in a abandoned cabin while enemy forces scour the area. The problem is that the boy was taken cuz of his semblance that lets him manipulate people through hormones but he has no idea how to control it and being stuck in a privet cabin with a cute girl, who’s also the first person to treat him kindly since being captured, has made the innocent shyness he feels become 1000% more intense for the women with him. 

    In this rp play as a member of team RWBY who is the one who saves the Shota. Others can be brought in IF you wish to play them.


    More Plots will be added at future points.

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