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    Dragon's Pleasure: (Skyrim)


    As the normal Dragonborn is out doing theirs to ensure the Tamriel's safety and many other quests, another Dragonborn is also out there. Only this one has gotten the blood from an ancient dragon of fertility. She is a slut by nature and has always sought out to pleasure her unsatiable needs for sex. She has no knowledge of this until she is summoned by the Gray Beards. Here she learns about her powers, but knowledge and tutoring in the way of the sexy voice is not without a cost in the lonely temple. I have made some custom Shouts as well, feel free to suggest more: Dragon shouts:

    • Alter Age
    • Alter body
    • Add body parts
    • Call Demons
    • Enlarge body parts
    • Extreme stamina
    • Force orgasm
    • Indestructable body
    • Instant erections
    • Prolong orgasm
    • Remove items (clothes, armour and so on)
    • Renew stamina
    • Shout of Clones
    • Shout of strength
    • Soundwave of Lust

    Notes: 1) the Dragonborn is never submissive or forced to do anything 2) My partner will have to at least act as a GM.

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    1 hour ago, DoIEvenExist said:

    Who would be playing who?

    Me as the underaged Dragonborn and my partner doing the GM stuff.

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    1 minute ago, EdgyLemonKing said:

    Love the sound of this. Would love to discuss it further sometime

    Awesome! I will be going to work now, but feel free to send me a message whenever you are able. If not before, I can reply in my lunch break or later today.

    I hope you are good with ZERO upper size limits by the way 😄 

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