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    Hello everyone, I used to be on here a while back, I believe a year or two ago, I've just recently come back to it and am looking for some RP partners once again. I'm fairly open minded, though I do put a hard stop towards bathroom play, vore, and some of the other more extreme fetishes. I'm typically willing to play more dominant characters, however  I have no problem playing a submissive one as well if that's what my partner desires. I'm less interested in the sex and more interested in the story/character development. I'd say that I probably like about a 50/50 split at the max, though leaning more towards story if at all possible, though if I particularly like an idea than I'm willing to go lean in the other direction as well. That all said, here are a few ideas for characters that I'd be interested in RPing at the moment, though I'm more than willing to discuss other plots and really want to hear some additional ideas from others.

    1. One of us is a slave.

    Fairly basic, but one of us would be a slave to the other, most likely in a fantasy setting. I roleplayed as an orc with this dynamic and ended up with the RP evolving into something rather interesting, were it not for our schedules drifting apart I'd be more than willing to continue it. In this I would lean more towards dubious consent than straight non-con. Most likely more of a training the other character that it's more beneficial to cooperate than not to, or hell if someone wanted to do a more lighthearted version of slavery that would be fine too.

    2. A Dragon (With Human form) and his Maiden.

    So in this I want to note that I do fully expect the dragon to be in his human form for sex, it's not that I particularly care one way or the other about sex in his draconic form, but not what I intended with the idea. That said, I have a few dragon OC's that I could play as, ranging for ancient to young adults, and a few ideas for others. In fact I'm currently working on a book about a dragon wymling, only he's been raised by humans having been polymorphed since he was a child. With that in mind he didn't know he was a dragon until later on in the story seeing as a 20 year old human is an adult, where as a 20 year old dragon is still a baby. It's a work in progress, but I'd be more than willing to play him as well.

    The main idea behind this one ranges from your character having been sacrificed to mine and mine keeping her alive for some reason. This could be that perhaps he has no interest in sacrifices, or the humans at all, could be that he wants a maid, could be that he simply wants a mistress. It's something that we can discuss if it interests you. We could also RP in a setting that I created for my dnd campaign in which Dragons more or less control the world in a semi sort of Roman empire with some feudal elements to it. In scenario dragons would essentially be nobility/royalty/true citizens. In this setting humans, bahestians (beastfolk), and orcs are kept as slaves by these nations and forced to breed leading to the creation of many of the other races with the addition of some magic used. In this setting only bahestians and dragons are capable of using magic, dragons tending towards sorcery and bahestians towards druidic magic. 

    Misc Pairings I have interest in exploring:

    Vampire x Any

    Lycan x Any

    Dragon x Any

    Incubus (Me) x Any

    Succubus (You) x Any

    Gods x Any

    Orc x Any

    Demon x Any

    Edit: 2/12/22



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