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  • looking for female roleplay partner

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hey! I am looking for a female roleplay partner, but I will keep this post rather short. If you are interested, just send me an ecchitext so we can discuss thing further in detail.

    I mainly enjoy two diffrent types of roleplay: Romantic, often character and story based roleplay, or smut heavy roleplay. But a combination or something in between can work as well for me. I like to play my characters dominant, and playing submissive is one of my limits. Be sure to check out my preference page, so you can get an overview of my kinks and limits.

    I am very open to new ideas, scene suggestion and changes, but here are some of my ideas, I had floating around in my head:


    -Free use (either in a family or a complete world)

    -Sex school: A school in which diffrent sex techniques are taught, theoretical as well as practical

    -Summer job at a craftsman company, which puts you to other use, since your body is too fragile for the harsh work

    -You are an exchange student and arrive at an exchange family, which doesnt turn out to be quite normal (could be combined with free use family idea)

    -Your father is the leader of a drug cartel, when he meets a powerfull business partner, he demands you from your father in order to close an important deal

    -There has always been this one attractive girl in my school, who I really liked. She was always the most beautiful and attractive girl to me, but I never got the chance to shoot my shot. As we go together on a  exchange program to america, I see my chance as the beds in the girls rooms are not enough and a girl and a boy have to go together in one (rather a romantic setting)

    -You're a teen student and need to earn some money to you apply for a job as a fare hostess. What you don't know is that the company running the fare booth has it's own stratagy  to get big customes to buy their products.

    -My character stumbles across a magic rulebook, which lets him rewrite the rules of the world with an instant effect

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