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  • Looking for Long term RP Partner M/F

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    :: About Me ::
    30+ years old
    16+ Years of RP experience
    Male who writes mostly male characters but can NPC female
    Looking for FxM pairings for stories usually
    Can write anywhere from 6 to 12 paragraphs in an opener if I really like the idea.
    Not really into "Fandoms" but if I find one I like or we discuss one and it catches my attention? Sure why not.
    I am in EST time zone
    I typically can reply to posts every day at least once a day if not more though weekends might be a bit iffy some days.

    :: Writing plots I normally do::
    Low to High Fantasy
    Low to High Modern
    Dark themes ( PM for more info )
    Heavy to light romance with different tones

    :: What I would like to see ::
    At least 4 paragraphs for a response
    Creative world and character building from my partners
    Open to trying something new
    More than one response per week. Not really looking for more than one a day though that WOULD be cool

    :: Pairings ( OC x OC ) ::
    Vampire / Vampire
    Human / Vampire
    Human / Demon
    Demon / Vampire
    Demon / Demon
    Human / Human
    Primordial being / Other
    God characters
    Mother / Son
    Aunt / Nephew
    Daughter / Father
    Friend / Friend
    Brother / Sister
    Teacher / Student
    Plus many, many more.

    Plots for each will be discussed between us as I said. I like to build worlds and characters and their relationship with one another.

    Please PM me if you are interested in writing and having a new partner for writing in your life.

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