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    Hello. I am just looking for a long-term RP partner that we can do RPs that involve sexual corruption, transformation, mind control/hypnosis, those stuff. I'm the switch type and I have OCs I want to use for this stuff and only my OCs for these stuff ONLY.

    Basically, I want DOM characters to do stuff with my SUB female OCs and I will play SUB, don't you worry though I switch to speed up the story. I only do this to distract me from the depressing things in my life. DM me please or ping me (whatever you'll like).

    As for my OCs... look them up here:



    I write in paragraphs (1-3 lines is fine)

    I don't do vore (please) I want to use my OCs ONLY (most are monster girls or hybrids) but if you have OCs too, I welcome them BUT to use them to do those sexual, dark stuff to my OCs only

    I want a long-term RP partner who enjoys corruption, transformations and mind control/hypnosis just as much as I do and will enjoy these stories.

    We can come up for ideas of the RPs as long as they're fun for both of us I do not want someone who replies every 10-20 minutes, I've had someone who replied every 2 hours and I didn't like it. If you have stuff to do, I understand that or something came up but otherwise please don't leave me hanging.

    Contact me through Discord, DM or tag (whatever, I don't mind)


    Contact me soon. Thank you!

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