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    I’m looking for some people to roleplay with! Before continuing on check out my flist which has all of my kinks and preferences on it in more detail. I will play female or male characters but I’ll only play as the character being fucked (I guess ‘the bottom’), you will play male characters (‘the tops’.) You have to like most of what I like for us to be compatible roleplay partners.


    I’m new to this website but I’m not new to roleplaying! I like replies that are at least one paragraph long but they don’t have to be too long. I do not like plot driven roleplays and only do sex driven ones. I’ll do a couple of fandom roleplays but I do more original character ones. I’m happy doing roleplays in messages.

    (Mc = my character, Yc = your character)

    For the body preference of Yc, he will always have a very big cock. That’s the only must that I request. For the body preferences of Mc: if female, she will always have very big boobs, big and plump areola, large nipples that are grab-able and juicy (they can be long too), clits that stick out and are bigger than average, and a big ass. If male, he will have a big ass, plump and juicy asshole that sticks out a little, similar nipples to females, and a cock and balls that are big (but not as big as Yc’s.)

    I can’t always reply every day because I work and am sometimes busy. I’ll do my best to reply as frequently as I can though. Be patient with me please!


    Here are some of the fandom roleplays that I would like to do. None of them I want to be lore heavy or lore based for that matter since I’m not going for a lot of plot. I’m not caught up in all of the shows or games either so keep that in mind. Mine you that a lot of the times the characters may be ooc.


    MHA- Momo Yaoyorozu (Me) and a stranger or villain (You)


    Momo on a train in her hero outfit, which is really sexy and alluring. Yc wonders how she’s not considered a rated 18 hero because of how revealing her clothes are. Yc either gets curious and touches Momo OR Momo purposely bends over revealing that she doesn’t wear underwear under her revealing short skirt. She’s looking for someone to fuck her in the train and that’s what Yc does. Maybe Yc’s quirk is that he has an exotic or animal-like cock, or he can turn them both invisible, or he can erase everyone’s memory of the train ride except Momo, or whatever else we think of. If they’re caught more random characters can join or watch.

    Momo’s body is very curvy. Her ass is big and bouncy making her skirt ride up to show her ass cheeks.  Her skirt ends right below her pussy to just almost show it but her dress is so tight that you can kind of see the shape of her pussy and clit. Her boobs are very big and her big areola show because of the cut of her dress. It barely covers her big plump nipples that stick out under the dress.


    Genshin Impact- either Eula, Amber, Kaeya, or Alhaitham (Me) and a stranger or monster/enemy (You)


    Either Mc goes out looking for enemies but instead of fighting them they seek out the enemy for sex, or Yc meets Mc asking for help on a mission but it for sex. Yc can be a regular human, a hilicurl type, another monster type or a treasure hoarder.

    Eula and Amber’s bodies will be similar because they have similar clothes. Their tits will be very big and overflowing from their shirts, their shirts tight around their large nipples. Their shorts will be so short that they ride up their asses like a thong so when they bend over their assholes are practically fully exposed. Their shorts will be tight on their pussies and perfectly form around their lips and clit.

    Kaeya and Alhaitham will also have similar bodies. Like the females their nipples will be big and completely visible through their tight shirts. Their pants will be so tight that their cocks will be hugged by the fabric and when they’re erect their cocks will stick out and be visible through their pants. When they bend over their puffy assholes will have a clear outline in their pants.


    Here are some of the original character ideas I have. If you have any you think I’d like send them to me!


    Mother (Mc) and her son’s best friend (Yc)


    1. Mc’s son has Yc over sometimes to hang out and Yc is interested in his friend’s whore mom who starts to openly seduce him. Either her son doesn’t know (they can even fuck in the same room as him but he’s oblivious) or her son finds out and joins in on the fun.

    2. Mc’s son is leaving for a couple of months on a trip but he doesn’t want to leave his single mom lonely so Yc stays with her. This leads to lots of sex right away. Again either the son doesn’t know or when he comes home he sees Yc fucking Mc and joins in on the fun of fucking his cockslut mom.

    Mother (Mc) and her son (Yc)


    1. Yc has wanted to fuck Mc for a long time so he finally does, knowing that his mom must be a whore.

    2. Mc has seen Yc’s cock which is bigger than her husband’s and craves it so she openly seduces Yc. (They can fuck I’m the same room as her oblivious husband.)

    Sister (Mc) and brother (Yc)


    After graduating Mc moves out of her parents house and into Yc’s house where she immediately starts to seduce him.

    Student (Mc) and teacher or classmate/s (Yc)


    1. Mc (male or female) and Yc are classmates. Mc is the biggest slut in class and she’ll/he’ll secretly masturbate in class but because he sits next to her he sees it. They start dating.

    2. Mc (male or female) is a new student and is perfect for the sex ed class. The teacher (Yc) uses Mc for demonstration and fucks Mc in front of the whole class. The class can join in if you want to play multiple characters. (If Mc is female maybe she’s allowed into a boy’s only private school because her parents are rich and that’s where she wants to go.)

    Exhibitionist (Mc) and stranger (Yc)


    Mc (male or female) goes to a park at night for the first time to walk around completely exposed and touches themself openly. Yc finds them and fucks them in risky places.

    If I think of any more I’ll post them in the replies of this. 

    Let me know if you want to roleplay!

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