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  • Looking for some Danganronpa erp's. (SPOILER WARNING)

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I am in the mood for Danganronpa tonight and have over 11 ideas for it~. I would like for you to least know all of the games and finished them all. The more detail the better as long as you're not a 1-3 liner. Paragraphs are my most preferred.

    Preferably looking for someone who'd like to play these girls for these scenarios.

    Celeste and Hifumi
    Tenko and BBC
    Peko, Akane and Nekomaru
    Peko and Nekomaru
    Genderfluid/TG Kiibo and any male
    Toko and BBC
    Bimbofied Kyoko with BBC
    Toko, Aoi and Byakuya
    Byakuya bad end harem with gender transformed Makoto and Hiro
    Miu and Gonta
    Tenko, Angie and Gonta
    Gender transformed Shuichi and v3 boys
    Maki, Himiko and Shuichi or Kokichi
    Gender transformed Chihiro and Mondo
    Grown up Nagisa and Komaru or Junko with Miu or Mukuro.
    And more!


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