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  • Looking to do a "specific" Roleplay~... .///w///.

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Woahhh 😅 Okay, wow, it has been a ~loooong~ time since I last made a bulletin post asking for an RP, but lately I'm having a spark of confidence, and seeing as I am now on break from college, I figured I might give this whole Roleplaying thing another whirl, having been on hiatus from it for this whole year so far.

    Lately I've been craving to do a roleplay that is centered around one of my favourite fetishes; something I admittedly rarely ever mention, but as I said earlier, I'm feeling confident, so here goes... *deep breathe in*: Fat fetishism/weight gain. 

    Is anyone interested?

    Yep, I'm not gonna sugarcoat it - I'm into the whole "the bigger they are the more there is to love" thing. I like 'em with a lotta meat on 'em, okay?! >//w//> And by "fat" I'm not talking about having some small love handles, I'm talking:

    ✨ ❤️【 E X T R A    T H I C C】❤️ ✨

    Like, being able to fit on and sleep on an SSBBW's belly like a big 'n' soft queen-sized bed. P:< I understand that this is a bit "out there" and it's not something everyone is comfortable roleplaying, but I thought I would at least ask, as I would love to collaborate with a willing partner to come up with a very kinky story~.

    If you would like to organise an RP with me, just shoot me an EcchiText or write to me in EcchiChat, anytime! I must note however, that there are a few conditions for this RP:

    #1: I'm only willing to do this RP privately, in EcchiTexts. So I'm not going to be doing this RP in the Public Roleplay Club.

    #2: I'm thinking I would like to do this RP with someone who I have never Roleplayed with before, though this isn't a strict requirement and I am happy to make negotiations if need be.

    #3: I would personally like to keep the Roleplay to a minimum of about 50-ish EcchiTexts (about 25 per person). I don't want it to drag it on for too long. I feel it should be short and sweet~.

    I have a few other ideas as to how the roleplay will actually play out, but I think for the sake of not making this bulletin post an overly-long read, I might cut it here and say that I'm happy to discuss further ideas through EcchiTexts if you're interested.

    Hope to hear from some of y'all~. ^///^

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