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  • Looking to do some more RP with (sub Male, sub Female, or some dom females)

    • Comment here first! Looking

    Im looking for some more role play with specific kinks such as (Teen, Loli/Age Play, Bestiality, Furry, Or just basic RP if thats what your into) If you want to do something like this please dm me or just comment here. If you don't want to do any of those specific kinks I also have some scenario/stories that I would like to do that will be listed under this. Also these are just some of the stories.

    There won't be many stories for a dom female but if these stories interest you and you are looking to play that part I have other stories that revolve around you being a dominate female.

    Also Each of these we can switch out for the character to be male or a femboy instead of a female, just keep that in mind. I am not just looking for female contenders, I am looking for any genders.


    Man x Neko/Cat Girl (Master x Pet) You would be playing the Neko

    A Rich man adopts you into his family and you are his pet. How you act towards your master can depend on how he will treat you in the long game.


    Dad x Daughter (Can be age play if wanted) You will play the daughter

    After a while you seem to notices that your father is looking at you more and more, less as his daughter and more as a woman. Do you confront him about how he is looking at you or do you want him to continue starring at you hoping for him to make a move on you. 


    Rich Guy x Poor little Girl (Another age play if wanted) your playing the poor girl

    After years on the streets of new york (or some other big city) a man dressed in a suit approaches you and askes if you wanted to be his, and offers a large lump of cash for your williness. Will you take his offer and become his or does he have to force you into being his.


    Vampire x Human girl (Rape, and Blood play) You would play the girl

    This can start in many different ways, from you stumbling into him or finding your way into his castle and him finding you. Which ever way you choose he will be the one sucking your blood and many other things. 

    A few school Realated ones are . . . 

    Teacher x Female (You would play The Female)

    Student Principle x Delinquent student (You would play the Delinquent student)

    Coach x Cheerleader (You would play the Cheerleader)




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