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    I will try to make this short, sweet, and yet informative. I ask that you play as a dominant female character, who you are behind the scenes is not important to me in terms of who I roleplay with. In the end we are creating a story, albeit a potentially very dirty story.

    Before I talk about pairings here is a list of kinks:

    Kinks yes:

    Femdom, Chastity. Whipping, Verbal abuse, Physical abuse, Sexual torture, Costumes, Masks, Leather, Spandex, Booty shorts, Collar and Leash, Forced orgasms onto/inside clothing, upskirt with view of panties or spankies

    Kinks No:

    Romance (I like smut, but no romantic gooey stuff), Anal, Excessive bleeding. Toilet play, Male domination in smut


    Superhero x Villainess (prefer fandom from DC, especially Batman or Superman, but OC's are fine)

    Teacher x Cheerleader (YC must be 18 at least, and is my one exception to "teens" in a roleplay or smut).

    If my two ideas don't suit you, but you have another femdom style plot in mind I am all ears.


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    How about a succubus that tempts you into cheating and then punishes you for it through whipping, scratching and verbal abuse?

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