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    Welcome to the Magical Persons Association’s Comfort Buddy Program

    Please fill out the form below to get to spend time with the Magical Comfort Buddy of your choice


    Your Name:

    Your Age:

    Your pronouns:

    Type of Comfort (Vocal, Physical, Physical +):

    Reason for Comfort Buddy visit (Optional):

    Preferred Comfort Buddy (See sheet attached for available Magical Comfort Buddies):

    Do you have a Magical Veteran’s Card? Circle One: Yes    No

    If Yes, please put your Magical Veteran's Card Number:

    If you selected Vocal above, please write where you would like the conversation to take place:

    If you selected Physical above, do you prefer a public or private setting? Circle One: Public    Private

    If you selected Physical + above, do you prefer to use condom(s)? Circle One: Yes    No


    Vocal: Conversation

    Physical: Hugging, cuddling, kissing, etc. Basically anything that isn't sexual.

    Physical +: Sex. Like, outright.

    So this is my newest idea. A Magical Persons Association set up a Comfort Buddy system, and given that most of the magical boys/girls/people are way above age, there's an option for prostitution. I'll provide the characters you can choose from below and then a little info dump about the way the magical persons work in this world. Also, message me with this form filled out for your character. Would like you to submit 2 or 3 characters just so we're not doing one long Vocal Buddy rp. These will be taking place in modern day.


    Female Characters:




    Toto Natsumaki


    Note: Has been a magical girl for over 300 years




    Yoko Shima


    Note: Takes the being a magical girl thing seriously




    Mia Tami


    Note: Only recently became a magical girl


    Male Characters:




    Shannon Aldera


    Note: Despite only being in the Association a few months, he is one of the best monster hunters. And despite looking psychotic, is a very pleasant guy that just loves his line of work




    Kerry Moore


    Note: Likes candy. Will incorporate it into Physical + if possible.




    Shun Yokama


    Note: I can’t come up with a note for him


    Info dump:

    You look the same as you did when you become a magical person. So if you become a magical person at age10, you'll look 10 at 100 years old. You'll look 10 at 3,000. Etc. You look the same age regardless of your age.

    When you reach 50 years of service, you get a Magical Person's Association Veteran's card that gets you discounts and special benefits depending on how long you've served the Association.

    When you become a magical person, you become infertile. You cannot have any kids after that point. You can still get an STI/STD, but those can generally be cured with magic.


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