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    (Before we RP, please ask. Also please read my Preferences. This RP will contain: Loli, futanari, possible rape, gangbang, MILF, tentacles among a few others. If there's anything you wish to try, ask beforehand.)


    the world was a very special place. It hid secrets that even the most dedicated could not find. Instead, it was those fortunate enough that found these secrets by complete accident.

    Mayu Hikari was a special kind of skeptic. She was a romantic horror fiction writer, typically writing pieces such as Broken Wings, The Gallows and other such titles that turned fantasy horror to romantic tension in moments. This young woman in her twenties had a fairly large bust, blonde hair so short that only her breast size gave away her gender, and lovely ocean blue eyes. Her figure was slim, but she wasn't as skinny as most women her age. Hers was a body as admirable as it was enviable.

    in her half ton rusted pickup truck, she was on her way to a show in Nevada, stuck in the middle of nowhere, obviously lost. Mayu was born as an immigrant, but she never considered herself to be Japanese. She was typical to the Proud and Free American way. As she fumbled witg her map, her glasses fogged up with the howling wind from her open window. She was lost in a desert. 

    after the dust settled, Mayu could see the silhouette of a building in the distance. Hoping it was a gas station, she drove up to it to ask directions. It was not a gas station, but a hotel. As soon as she pulled in, her truck had died. As she popped open the hood, she noticed the smoke assault her skin first as she recoiled, waving her hands as she swatted the air. The woman was lost, stuck, and now had no way to get to her showing. The timing could never be worse. Her only alternative was to ask for help in the hotel. If worst should come, she could stay the night.


    entering the dusty building, the scene was straight out of a mystery novel. Odd pictures hung on the walls, an eerie silence covered the atmosphere of the room. When she closed the door to the building, the sound echoed much louder than she had liked. Her body was slightly trembling. After taking a breath, she stepped toward the counter, which was next to a case of stairs. A bell sat on the far left of the counter, and a booklet for signatures in the center. Mayu rang the bell twice and waited. No answer. 

    frustrated, she rang the bell twice more. She finally saw a figure walk up to the counter. She looked very young, too much so to be running a hotel by herself.


    "are you here for business or pleasure?"

    the girl asked with an almost creepy timidation to her voice. Mayu didn't respond, so the girl repeated.

    "Miss, business or pleasure?"

    snapping out of what seemed like a daze, Mayu hesitated before she spoke.

    "Uh, pleasure i suppose. My business is probably ending by the time i get there anyway."

    "Then please, follow me."

    the girl walked out through the opening on the side of the counter and urged Mayu to follow her. Mayu swore she could see a tail underneath the girl's western dress poking behind her heels as she walked.

    "It isn't all the time we get human visitors you'll be able to pay after your week license is up. Please refrain from leaving early, as this would inconvenience us greatly."

    inconvenience? This whole mess was an inconvenience. Nonetheless, she was guided to her room with a key already inside. The girl said nothing more and walked away.

    as Mayu entered the room, it looked much nicer than was displayed outside and at the counter. She immediately layed down on the bed and tried to sleep. As she felt her body slip away, she heard noises around the room echoing. Moans of apparent sexual desire, she thought. She hadn't been interested in relationships for a while since one in particular ended with a stalker having to be shot because she wouldn't take no for an answer. Yes, Mayu was a lesbian, but that didn't prevent men from hitting in her. She had thought once in a while about a purely sexual relationship, but those reportedly end badly. She listened to the noises of the group behind her and- wait, a group? She thought hesitantly and blushed a bright pink at the thought of an orgy happening just beside her room. She noticed a peep hole that the sounds were coming from, and almost immediately regretted peering inside.


    she had seen a woman on the bed, her hands fishlike and her blue skin accentuating the sweat on her body, a mass of tendrils akin to a squid wrapping around one of her partners. The other looked more human, save for catlike ears, whisker tattoos on her cheeks and a bundle of three foxlike tails protruding from her lower body above her butt. There was another woman clinging behind her, an obvious werewolf that was enjoying the heat of the situation. As Mayu watched intensely, she repelled the urge to relieve herself. When her fingers inched closer to her lower body, it was pulled back. After a time, the rooms were both met with a loud cry, indicating that the whole group reached orgasm. When they all pulled away from each other, making out with one another sensually on frequent, she noticed that though they were all female in body type, the werewolf and foxlike creatures both had penises. Oddly enough, seeing this exchange aroused Mayu, but also repulsed her. She backed away and pretended she saw nothing. 


    when morning broke, a knock was heard at the door, waking Mayu up. The woman sat up, startled. Her body was warm as she remembered the events before her sleep. She scrambled to the door and was met by a young woman in a bath towel. She let herself in as she began speaking.


    "hey, i want to apologize for last night's ruckus. I hope we didn't wake you."

    the young woman swayed her wet hair out of her face. She sat down on Mayu's bed as Mayu began to fluster, responding shakily.

    "No, not at all. I was just..... Ignoring it."

    Mayu's face was beat red. She didn't want to tell her neighbor, who was possibly a maneating werewolf that she watched what had happened. She wasn't even sure if what she saw really happened. The other woman began to speak.

    "I know that hole is there. I actually made it myself. It's sometimes nice to know you're being watched."

    the young woman forged a sly but seductive face as she stared down the woman's body

    "you know, when a werewolf finds a perfect mate, they typically begin mating until the female becomes pregnant. Until that happens, the male takes charge and forces copulation. I'm not typically like that in the daytime. In fact, i'm just like any woman. But, if you werw to meet me after midnight...... "

    the woman layed a small piece of paper on the bed and walked out. She looked back as her wild, long black hair swayed.

    "Come visit  my friends and i. We promise to show you a good time. And if you want the wilder me, come a little later."

    as the woman walked out the room and shut the door, Mayu looked at the piece of paper. It read "Carissa". That must have been her name. She had to think hard about what to do next. She was stuck for a week with sex driven nympho monster women. The thought occured at that point that she may not leave here after her time was up. As she layed her head in her hands and sat back down on the bed, Mayu heard another knock at the door. It was most likely one of Carissa's friends.

    (I'm lazy and this was very long. I'll either update this later or i can finish it when somebody replies. Other "monsters" can and probably will be introduced.)


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    Hi there, if you are perhaps looking for more females or monsters, I would love to try my hand at this! :D Let me know if you are still looking!

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    I am indeed looking, i just haven't found anyone but you in almost 2 days. e.e is it because the starter isn't finished?

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    Well if you can get more people, i might just be motivated to get this finished up. About 2 or 3 more i suppose, depending on if i decide to make the Neko owner an actual character for someone to play.

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    I guess the starter is as done as my lazy butt can do.  You two still want to do this? (If need be, i might just see if i can't split things so that we're each playing multiple characters.)

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    On 3/17/2018 at 04:26, Hakixy said:

    Sure :D Im still in for this :P

    So do you know anybody who might be interested in this? I think the other one isn't interested anymore.

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    You both read my preferences right? If there's anything you disagree with, let me know and i can adjust.

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    I apologize for not responding. I've been having problems with animals lately. I'll send an Ecchitext when i have time, i have to go to work for now. Apologies, again.

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