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  • [mtf4FUTA] transformation themed rp

    Ashe pendragon
    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I am Seeking a rp where my male character is turned into a female or futa focusing heavily on detailed transformation over time. Extreme body size like bimbos are perfectly ok .one of the main kinks is sounding and pegging so a futa partner would be perfect . The transformation method can be magical or science but it all most happen step by step focusing heavily on making him feel like a girl and cum like one too.so minor bondage as in rope play is fine. I would like the rp to be long term not just a single session and go .
    I can explain sounding it's the act of penis penatration so I wanna use it as a way for him to be fucked like a girl
    The story is something I would wanna work on with my partner but I do have several options in my head as it is.

     Number one. My character is tricked into moving into the mansion of a woman( futa or normal) and gets tanged in her web ending up completely under her control as she feminizes and creates her perfect lover. This is the one I am most interested in

    The second idea I had was a college setting where my character is mistakenly assigned to live in the sorority house  where the house mother slowly changes him to fit in there .

    My last idea was one of a lonly guy summons a succubus to be the love of his life. To bad for him she wants to modify him to be her perfect love

    The first two can be done via magic or implants and advanced tech the final is magic only .

    I hope to hear from someone soon


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