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  • Naughtyham's Secret - Lady Marian Has a Sword!? [ Disney ]

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    I am looking for someone to do a Lady Marian x Gwen Hilda aka Fandom x OC I know it might be cliché but I do truly hope someone who has equal skills in writing wanna do this RP with me seeing as I just recently watched the movie and decided to watch some Porn of her and damn if she isn't just a beautiful Vixen~ ❤️ 


    Gwen Hilda was just a small cat even though she was an adult she never acted nor looked like it through the eyes of any of the citizen of Nottingham even dear old Robin Hood mistook her for a child all the time and as such she had grown tired and annoyed towards such comments. Gwen had even gotten her attitude to match that of what people believed her to be which was a brat who was acting up too much around town with her not being on good terms with Prince John, however, after a long battle between John and Hood one came out victorious aka Robin Hood with all the stolen tax gold.

    Only weeks later had Robin Hood and Lady Marian gotten married and King Richard was finally back on the Throne, yet something was off about the newly married couple, none was the wiser about it but even King Richard had kept some secrets about Marian that only they knew and now Robin Hood was soon about to learn. Two weeks went by without anyone knowing what had happened but Robin Hood was acting much more shy and timid like a noble woman while Lady Marian was her usual self albeit a bit more seductive towards women as of late.

    Gwen now had gotten to curious and suspicious as to what was truly going on with Lady Marian that she sneaked into the house they had in the woods just Robin and her and as such Gwen knew that was the exact spot to figure out Lady Marian's secret and to her extreme shock she was presented with a giant throbbing cock from Lady Marian as she emerged from her hiding place already being caught by the woman.

    "Whaaaa!?. . ."

    ( Now I wrote this Starter with the intention of not being Underage Character but I do wanna change that following a Continuation of this Post if anyone is truly into doing this one with me )


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