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    Thanks for stopping by and giving my corner of this world a look. I have not had a ton of luck here so I am hoping making these updates and changing some of the scenes might help! Overall I am a nice guy who is really just looking to make some new friends and some long term or short term writing partners.

    About Me:

    I have been writing for well over a decade
    I am from the United States
    Got started on AIM back after High School. (Too Long ago)


    3rd Person Only!!!
    While Discord is my preferred method I am more than happy to do PM or Forums as well!
    I am looking to Play Male Character/s and a partner willing to write the female character/s.
    Slice of Life scenes are what I used too. Sci Fi, Supernatural are doable, it would just be new for me.
    Story to Smut ratio I would say is 50/50. I enjoy both very much but I find it hard to enjoy one without the other.
    I usually like a couple meaty paragraphs per post.
    I do not have a preference on Face claims or descriptions.
    I am available throught out the week and can post pretty much every day barring something coming up.


    Cuckolding/ Hotwife, Cheating (Favorite)
    Swingers/Couple Swapping
    Group Scenes
    In-Law Affairs
    Cum Play
    Risk of Pregnancy
    Transformation ( Character Arc)
    Female characters who smoke or vape
    The color black (Make up, clothing etc)
    Big Sunglasses ( Call me strange..I don't care!!)


    Overly Innocent or Naive Female Characters
    God Modding

    Below listed are just a couple of ideas I have. I am not by any means saying these are the only ideas I would consider doing. On the contrary, I would love to hear any ideas you may have you think we may be a good match. Also feel free to suggest any changes to the scenes below. I am very flexible!! What is the point of doing something if both of us cannot enjoy it right?

    The Problem of the Bride

    YC and MC have just recently gotten married. The wedding was beautiful and the bride is as happy as she can be. Still she had noticed, even during this time of happiness and in whatever paradise they are in that her new husband seems distracted maybe even unhappy. She finally works up the courage to ask him what is going on. He breaks down and tells her that he has been hiding a big secret from her. His deepest, biggest fantasy is to watch someone else have sex with the love of his life. She is blown away by this. Maybe she is hurt, confused, unsure. She does not understand why he would want such a thing. She thought he loved her. Even as all of these thoughts go through her head though she is doing something even more surprising...she is still listening.

    Who's Teaching Who?

    YC is a young, married beautiful teacher at a local high school. She is popular, fun and almost every student likes her. She has always had a way of bringing out the best in her students and is known a sort of a prodigy when it comes to helping kids. MC is a high school senior (18 yrs old) who is a bit of a loner. He has never had many friends and his parents and the staff are concerned. YC is assigned to tutor MC after school. To get him to open up, talk and to get him better suited for life after school ends. What she finds is not something she expected. The teenager is a sexual deviant with fantasies and ideas she had never once thought were possible. She is rocked by the things he says, the things he wants. Slowly over time she finds herself switching from trying to cure him, to listening to him to eventually becoming the girl of his fantasies. Willing to do any and everything he wants and loving it.

    That Will Shut him Up

    For years they had lived a pretty normal and mundane marriage. He was a good man, a caring man but never the type that would be called wild or adventerous. That is why YC found it so odd when he first brought up the idea. He had been having thoughts and desires to watch her have sex with another man. It did not seem to matter who. She was never mean about it but anytime he would bring it up, she always said no. He would not let it go though. He really wanted to see it. On this particular day, on the way to a beach vacation she had been looking forward too she lost it. He brought it up as they were passing through a town an ex boyfriend of hers lived in. She was tired of hearing it and wanted him to let it go. That is when she devided a plan that would shut him up. IF he called the ex, and IF he asked the other man and finally IF the ex agreed to it she would fuck the other man in front of her husband. She was quite proud of her self. No way he would have the nerve to call and ask much less the ex agreeing to it.....

    Daddy's Little Slut

    MC is YC's father. The two of them have always been close. She is an honor student, church goer and over all just a sweetheart. She has a secret though. For a few months now the girl has been the center piece of parties which basically gang bangs. The young woman enjoys the attention and the pleasure she is able to provide the men who attend. She loves the sex and has been with men of all ages, races and creeds. Even men that know her dad personally. She has done her best to try and hide it but word is getting out now. Slowly words funnel back to her dad about the girl, who drives a familiar car and who has a familiar look. He has never heard a name but he is worried it might be her. Finally on a day when he can be alone with her he decides to confront her. Even though he knows that doing so may damage their relationship beyond repair. He is right, it will change them but he has no way of even guessing how.

    I look forward to hearing from you hopefully. All I ask is that you PM me and do not respond here in the thread. Happy Writing!!!!


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