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    (set in the universe of Justice League Unlimited)

    It had been roughly one month since the final battle with Darkseid, a month since the world was saved by Luthor of all people, the Justice League was back to their usual business of stopping villainy while the Legion of Doom was finding it difficult to maintain itself now that it had neither Luthor nor Grodd as a leader, everything seemed like it was going back to relative normal, but a change was coming that no one expected.

    When Luthor passed, it turns out her had left everything, his wealth, company, and even his secrets, to one of his few relatives, his niece, Nasthalthia Luthor, or as some call her, Nasty.

    Nasthalthia is the daughter of Lex's older sister, though not Lex's daughter, she does share many traits with her uncle, intelligence, talent, and a love for acquiring power, what's more, Nasthalthia is more manipulative than Lex, more devious, she has a great love for using and toying with people, so much so it even impressed Lex, which is most likely why he left her everything he owned.

    Now Nasthalthia was more than happy to except the money and huge building, but what really excited her was when she found out about all of Lex's secret projects, the ones he's been keeping in the dark, specifically for his own personal use.

    Mind control devices, cloning, superhuman drugs, and so much data on the both superheroes and villains, Lex really had an obsession, now Nasthalthia wasn't as interested as her uncle in taking down the Justice League or anything, but she has always wanted to play with some heroines, and now it looks like she has all the resources to do just that.

    She wasn't alone, Lex left his personal assistant Mercy with the instructions to aide Nasthalthia in whatever she chose to do, he left no instructions for Nasthalthia, knowing her tastes, he was confident that while she probably wouldn't destroy the Justice League, she would no doubt cause some trouble for the supers and have a good time doing it.

    This is a roleplay set in the universe of the Justice League cartoon from from the 2000s, after Lex Luthor was lost defeating Darkseid, he left all his resources to his niece, Nasthlathia, a woman who even Lex admired for her love of dominating and manipulating others, which is why he chose her to inherit all he owns.

    Now she has access to a massive amount of resources from technology to magic, not to mention the many allies Lex had and information on virtually every hero and villain known, and she can use those resources for whatever she wish, and for Nasthlathia, that is mainly dominating women and making them hers.

    This would revolve around you playing Nasthlathia, now that you have all that Lex left you, you can use it to pursue your own goals, making allies with other villains, capturing and controlling heroines, and of course, having lots of naughty fun with everyone involved, a lot of fun to be had here and I'm eager to play with you.

    I'll be handling the GM role in this, both all the heroes and villains you'll be interacting with, naturally we'll be focusing on the ladies of course, I'd really rather not involve any male characters in this, and just to let you know my characters will be futas, that's a requirement, yours however can be female or futa if you wish.

    If you prefer however I am also open to playing Nasthlathia instead, just keep in mind I'm not as much of a dom, if I had to classify myself, I'd say I'm a switch with more submissive tendencies, so keep that in mind if choosing that path.

    I'm pretty kinky personally, I have a love for bdsm, bondage, scent play, sweat, feet footwear, musk, nipple play, ass play, ball play, facesitting, dirty talk, big orgasm, watersports, cameras, slutty outfits, spit, alien girls, panty play, humiliation, getting dominated, toys, pet play, muscular girls, chubby girls, harems, porn, JOI, collars, degradation, exhibitionism, gangbang, giantess, and more, I have no interest in snuff, gore, vore, abuse, men, or vanilla sex and I'm more of a sub, so be sure to keep that in mind.

    If you're interested, shoot me a message and we can start talking, I'm very eager to play this with you, but please, no chat, thank you.


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