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  • Offering an odd but kind master for a slave in need of a silver lining.

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    Hi there~
    Long story short: I wanna give a good home, and a good master to someone who might need one. There are a few plot ideas too, but by all means, suggest your own too if you like. Anyway, as for the ideas I have:

    Regarding where our little slave comes from, one idea would be that she is already the slave of someone, but managed to run away. But her master caught up, took out his club, grabbed her, and just as he reached back for a hard swing, *thunk* the sound of something hitting that very club sounds through. "Oh you lucky bastard! I was aiming for your head." Someone else had joined the situation, and readied another shot. "I'd start running if I were you." The warning was clear, and her former master would start running. But rather than being saved, this new stranger just took her under his arm like a package, and would begin heading home with her.

    One other idea could be the classic "bought at the auction". But let's make it a tad more interesting, shall we?
    To get buyers really interested, attendees of the upcoming slave auction can pay a small fee to look at all products in advance. Simply go backstage and take a peek or two. No touching, but one could still talk with the slaves, test the waters. One of those slaves would be your character, sitting in her own little cage. From the corner of her eye, she would none the less spot the worst kind of buyer. Wearing jewelry, a tad overweight, and with an attitude no one would want to be around. "Peak fat idiot, eh?" Someone snuck up on her while she was looking, and we start from there.


    As for how the story progresses, I have a few suggestions. One idea would be to simply become his assistant. Motivations for that could be various ones, and depend on what character you wanna write. One other idea I have is that she might wanna dream of becoming a hero, and through convincing and wishing, might persuade her master into making that dream possible. And for the more gritty needs, how about some good ol revenge? Someone might have forced her into becoming a slave. A relative that sold her off, a coup in a neighboring kingdom? Someone out there needs punishment, and her master has the resources to grant her that IF she can convince him.


    If any of these, or maybe other ideas sound doable for you, by all means. Let's chat. Feel free to leave a post here, or send me an Ecchi Text. I'm not picky.

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