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    Old Man's last Hurrah

    Background: This is a scene between an older man and younger woman. The man should be 50+ and the woman should be at least 15 years younger than the man. I imagine this in a modern setting, but doesn't need to be.

    Scenario: They are often at the same café late at night, chat, and the man walks the woman home. There's nothing particularly romantic about it, just the man being nice as he walks in the same direction. The man is a widower who lives alone, and the little interaction he has is with the young woman at the café. He cherishes their time together.

    Goal: The man has erectile dysfunction, dentures, maybe not as strong as he used to be. Age hasn't been nice to him but he doesn't need to be bald or sickly. This scene would explore a sexual encounter between the two characters. How would they please each other? What are their motivations? How do they feel about it during and afterwards?

    Kinks to explore (optional): removal of dentures, strap-on sex (either character), pleasing a man with a flaccid penis, pleasing a woman without an erection, themes of dom/sub, anything else that makes sense for the scenario

    Setup: You would choose to play the man or the woman, develop the character as you see fit, and I'd play the other character. We could start with a walk down the street, stopping at the woman's residence, and then the man being invited in. We can change this up, do a different location, etc. if you have other ideas.

    This doesn't need to be a private roleplay.

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    I'm intrigued. As what seems to be the community's resident dirty old man, I may be a great fit for this. I'm happy to take it to Public RP too. We can discuss it here or via PM, just let me know.

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