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  • open-minded **OPEN** Looking for Long-Term RP Partners

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Currently closed for RPs. Will update as soon as I'm able to accept more.


    I’m new to this website so I guess this is technically my “debut” of sorts. I’m looking for RP partners that would be wanting to RP with me based off of the tags and preference sheet provided in this bulletin. I have around 8+ years of experience RPing and I can be relied on when it comes to creating an interesting story, as well as proper grammar and lengthy replies if requested. The overall goal is being able to have a good time and create an awesome story with whoever would be interested. I’m currently looking for a long-term RP partner 1:1 for the related kinks that I’ll list below. 


    Favorited Kinks

    -Weight Gain Male/Female (Preferably Male)

    Either it being magical, progressional, feederism (slob is fine, just not overly eccentric. Humiliation/Teasing would be part of this as well if desired), quick, or anything in relation. 

    Belly Expansions are also on the table, depending on request. 

    -Rapid Female Pregnancy (Will not do male)

    This can include through different means such as: alien impregnation, magical methods, scientific methods, or anything in relation. 

    - Breeding

    My longer list:  https://www.f-list.net/c/holtsajin

    Warning: Please no underage characters and RPer. This would suggest sexual themes and we don’t need that underage stuff up in here, yaknow?


    Things that I will never write:

    - Vore

    - Scat and other related fetishes

    - Anything in relation to rape

    -Underage characters or pedophilia

    -IRL characters

    -Cruelty fetishes/Gore

    - ABDL/Diapers

    -Farting fetish


    However, if you simply want to do a regular RP (without the kinks listed) I'd be more then happy to create an RP.


    Replying with just a few sentences will make it extremely difficult for me to reply properly since it’ll leave little to go off of. Having it one sided with the length of replies would dwindle the urge to continue. It basically tells me that you don’t want to put in the effort to build off of the story.

    I'm completely fine with romantic or non-romantic relationships within the RP. I can do both dom and sub, but I am more experienced with submissive roles. 

    Furry RPs are also fine.

    If you wish to RP with me, don’t be afraid to DM me!

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