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  • Persona 5 RP ?


    Hey there everyone and thanks for checking out this post
    This is my first time using the bulletin for seeking RPs so it might look a bit different from other bulletins either with more or less information than usual.


    I'm not necessarily expecting anyone to be interested, but I know that the chances of doing an RP or two that I would like to do are going to be zero to none if I don't try and pitch it out there, so here we are. 


    I am seeking a Persona 5 themed RP that can be long term with some sort of small storyline. I suppose that the story could branch in the genre of slice of life story set in the Persona universe, as I'm more so looking for the social interactions and relationship building as opposed to any action and fighting scenes. Alternatively the RP could just go among the lewd nature, but I am mainly looking for the character relations bonding with lewd added as opposed to mainly lewd. 

    As the tags suggest, this would be a canon x oc RP. In my preferences it mentions that I want to use my oc, if I recall ( if not, then I just need to update it ), but I don't really plan to force which canon character I want played. Since each RP would be a different story line, I imagine I could make it work with almost any ship 


    ( though, I mainly ship my OC with Akechi, so that is my most preferred pairing when it comes down to it, and would be the most ideal for straight-to-lewd scenarios )

    I won't be accepting ships with the adult characters like the palace rulers since my character isn't near their age and I am not really comfortable with such a big age gap. I do not mind the RP taking place a year or two after the game ended though, and going from there.


    In regards to the length and plot, I have no plot in mind. 
    I like to plan the plots out with the person I am RPing with so ensure that the storyline will be interesting to both of us. This also allows the story to be more unique person to person. I am generally a relatively easy-going person with plots, and like to build off ideas with others. Though, I don't like when they're so concrete that there's not room for alterations or natural interaction.  I want this to be a long term RP, but don't mind discussing ideas along the way to ensure that the RP lasts. I don't believe everything needs to be discussed start to finish right away, and we can just decide things within the RP or in a separate chat outside of it.

    I come from an RP background where I play a lot of characters. This is so the RP can thrive without being restrained to two characters - so interactions can happen outside of just the couple. I don't necessarily require my RP partner to play more than one character, but I do prefer it. My reply length is typically a couple short paragraphs long ( 2 - 3 sentences per paragraph ) but can become longer with the more characters I play and when they interact with one another. I write things sort of like a book, so my characters are prone to interact with one another as well as yours. I commonly ask that we split the cast around half ( give or take, I don't mind being more characters if necessary ) so that neither of us have paragraphs that end up dominating the other person. I've had RPs where I write a lot, and then I get a sentence or two response, and it kills the vibe.


    As for kinks and what-not, please refer to my preferences link above. If there are kinks you want to ask about that are not listed in either category, do not worry about asking me about them, I'll answer honestly. I left out the ones that I am unsure of my stance on as well as ones I don't know. 

    We can discuss characters, the story, and I'll share my OC with you in an Ecchitext. 
    If you have any questions that aren't answered from this post or my preference sheet, I am more than happy to answer them when I get the chance.


    Thank you for reading ! 
    - Mythra


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