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  • Psychomachia: Shoulder Angel and Devil (M4F)

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    So, you know how in a TV show, or a movie, when a character is faced with a moral dilemma of some sort, the conflict will often be represented by a miniature angel and a devil on each shoulder?
    Each make the case for the opposing courses of action, one advocates self-interest, the other advocates selfishness, until a decision is reached by the host. It's a charming trope!

    I've had this image in my head for a while of an angel and a devil, full-sized but weightless, lounging on their host's shoulders, legs dangling off him, one has her arms on his head.
    I'm thinking we could make a story completely centered around those three characters- The Angel, the Devil, and their Host.

    Here's the idea:

    The Imprints of Earth; mortals who died but refuse to depart from the world. 

    The Angels of Heaven; fiercely loyal servants of their Kingdom who have never had a mortal body. 
    They can be called righteous, kind, and fair, or authoritarian, severe, and dogmatic.

    The Demons of Hell; traitorous Angels and blasphemous mortals forged in the unforgiving pit for the express purpose of becoming Hell's wardens and enforcers.
    Many are lovers of individualism and would want their hosts to look out for number one. Of course, they'll also take great enjoyment in seeing that host tread on others in order to advance themselves. 

    There's no Spirit who remains on Earth for very long that isn't there to serve a purpose. 
    To a mortal, a Spirit is mute, invisible; as absent as if they never existed.
    Only the most powerful of Spirits have the strength to appear even briefly before a mortal, or to give them a light shove. They are also, with few exceptions, distinctly inhuman-looking; few people's souls match their faces.

    My character is an average college student, living alone, paycheck to paycheck. 
    His life has been completely uneventful, and he fully expects it to continue to be. 
    But one day, something happens to him. An encounter, in a dream. Hazy flashes of places he's never seen.
    When he wakes, he starts seeing things on the streets that weren't there before. And it doesn't take long for them to notice that he can see them.
    It doesn't take long after that for them to figure out that they can touch him, too.

    This is an anomaly, unforeseen by the hierarchies of Heaven and Hell. 

    They realize they have to act fast, and both send a Guardian to tie themselves to him. 
    Their primary objective; protect the Host from malevolent Spirits. After all, many of them may find good sport in hunting a creature who lives in both worlds. Even worse, they could attempt to steal his ability, and gain access to the corporeal world.

    Secondary objective; sway the Host towards the service of Heaven or Hell before his death. Such an ability could prove incredibly useful. At the very least, they would have access to a particularly powerful Spirit to carry out their deeds.

    So until the day of his death, he has two new roommates to deal with. Ones who make every single subject an argument, and are constantly playing a game of tug-of-war with his soul.

    I'm thinking this would work best as a Longterm (VERY ecchi) action/romance story, with the three having to face different enemies, dilemmas, and day-to-day struggles. I want to go for a love triangle type of thing, but how we get there is up to you as much as it's up to me!

    I have my preferences linked, be sure to ask any questions if you have them, I'd love to discuss. See you soon!

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