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    Here's a list of some fun to ideas. I'm open to discuss and negotiate any changes to the plots. I highly encourage you to create your own character it you would like to, I want you to have as much creative freedom as possible. 

    I'm looking for someone to play the female characters in any of the following rps. 


    Teacher x Shota:

    You play a teacher who takes a liking to one of her more troubled students. She uses unconventional teaching methods to tutor him, giving him lewd rewards to encourage him to work harder.


    Wet dream:

    I play a guy who is having lewd dreams every night. Their intensity increases each night, until they eventually wake him up and he discovers a succubus has been feeding off of him and invading his dreams. Each dream can be its own scene where anything is possible since it's a dream world, up until and even after the reveal.


    Public hook-up:

    A lonely femboy goes out for a drink after a long day. An older woman picks him up and takes him back to her place for some kinky fun after a little flirting at the bar.


    Puppy boy (shota) adoption:

    In a world led by kind and powerful women, men are nearly pets to them. I play a lucky young puppy boy who you want to adopt, and take home to pamper and spoil.



    Inspired by a doujinshi (TAKEN!!!)

    I play a shota who is out alone in public and he is abducted by an older girl (or girls). You will play a girl (or girls) who will trick or force him into having their way with him.

    They can be normal older girls, a friend of his sister/mom, a frisky girl in a mascot costume, etc.


    Kinks: Bondage, feminization/crossdressing, toys, ageplay, prostate play, non-con/dub-con, nipple play, praise, pet play, post orgasm torture, forced orgasm, and exhibitionism 

    Limts: Blood, piss, scat, harsh degradation and impact play

    Please feel free to text me, if you are interested in any of these ideas.


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