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    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hi, thanks for clicking on my post. 

    I'm looking for RPs.

    Very little limits (depends on the day) 

    Tell me what you want kink wise. 


    My RPing.

    -First or third Person.

    -I play female Submissives. Younger characters around 21.

    -I don't play seductive characters, she will not actively seduce your character. Nor will I play an older female.


    ❤️ DDLG is a fav ❤️





    Human (me) x Furry (preferably canine) 


    Age play 



    ◇Want to try◇

    Soft vore

    Some thing about MC being shrunk


    Message me and lets talk! Push my limits, suprise me <3.

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