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  • Redo of Healer/Rising of the Shield Hero?

    Mini Magi
    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Got your attention with that one, didn't I?

    Hi there! Long story short, I wanna base something on the general premise of Redo of a healer, or Rising of the Shield Hero. Specifically, about somoene getting a slave out of a bad situation and develop a mutually benefitial relationship. But I also would like to give it our own spin. I like those shows, but no need to replicate it step by step, right? Meaning this could play out in many different ways depending on your preferences. So what shall it be? Revenge and death upon of someone who deserves it? Or someone who fell hard on their luck, getting a second chance? A bit of both?

    I have one character I would love to use for this, but I still need a female, and that is where you come in. Depending on your character, you can decide the general taste of the RP. To save you some time, both the character and my preference sheet are below.

    Oh! And you don't have to know either of those animes. I mean, sure, it wouldn't hurt, but it's not a hard requirement.



    Don't let the 2 stars distract you. Go check it out. There is some spicy drama in there~




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