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  • Roleplaying for the hell of it

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Welcome to my humble thread, this thread will basically be kept as short as possible or as short as I can make it, basically I will be covering some things about me and what exactly I'm looking for within the restraints of a roleplay. Everything will be kept in bullet form to save us both some time, so lets move on from that and onto the actual good parts.

    The basics:

    -I do not care what your gender or sexuality is because it does not effect me as long as you're flexible with playing both genders (be that sub or dom) I myself am a firm believer that its complete horse shit when someone say's they cannot play the opposite sex which is a basic writing requirement in my eyes, before the roleplay is started I expect others to know simple roleplay etiquette or in simple terms I expect you not to act like a giant douche.

    -Open to playing canons from fandoms and even exploring Au's and head canons, when it comes to original character's I'm fine with  the character as long as they aren't a thing of cardboard or a complete stick in the mud. If you do end up requesting a character via the fandoms provided you will also be expected to play a canon, this is the pretty much to discourage any roleplayer's wanting to sit back and do nothing. 

    -When it comes to activity honestly depends how many roleplay partners I have at the moment or how active they are, but usually I make an appearance once a day. I'm someone who works so please bare that in mind I still make time for roleplay's but its not my top priority.

    -Despite me allowing smut to be included in roleplay's it's not my main focus, my main focus will always be around a story: sure smut is fun once and awhile but not every damn minute of every post, unless of course we have made a deal of sorts. Ratio usually is 50/50. 

    Now onto fandoms: (In no particular order )


    -Dragon age

    -Star wars

    -Fall out.



    -Boarderlands 2


    -COD:zombies (Because why the hell not.)



    More fandoms might be added later but for now lets just go with this pretty much a trial run on this site. One last thing we must cover when it comes to smut just ask about kinks.

    That should basically cover everything and any questions can be dealt with via the pm system on this site, thank you for reading, please don't contact this account if you have no intention of being active.


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