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    So! After a good while of thinking over it, I decided I should give it a try and share some ideas I had. Some of them are casual, others can be story-driven haha. Warning: may include incest or some other dubious things!

    1st idea: Modern college setting, rich tsundere (my character) and the 'bad' boy. Cliché, I know, I know. But hear me out! Isn't rivals to lovers always a fun dynamic? It can be romantic, sweet fluffy or also more spicy smut or both because lol

    2nd idea: Half-brothers kinda kingdom setting! In a noble family, man with 3 daughters marries a woman who already has a son (my character) after his first wife passed away. Later, they have a son who is grew up to be quite close with his older half-brother to the point of infatuation. 

    3rd idea: Ancient Japan/China that can be fantasy or not! This, I have many dynamics lol. I thought about general with enemy kinda where they cross blades many times before general becomes infatued with pretty boy who has good swordsmanship. Other is friends who both are disciples of some martial arts temple (?) and then there is Feelings and horny because they are training all the time with no breaks.

    4th idea: fantasy au that can be modern but also kinda... mixed with medieval aspects? Like, it has magic, novels, kingdoms and stuff but also some advanced technology. Basically, like a vampire (my character) who is running away after committing a 'crime' (not really lol) who is on bounty for hunters, mercenaries, etc after the clan said he killed some youngsters of their clan.

    Well... 'Tis it? I tried to simplify things to not make too long. Still figuring out how things works around here. Feel free to dm(pm?) me if you're interested in anything!~ 

    Ps: Yes, smut is definitely included and I'd like to also include some fetishes or modify some of these ideas if the opportunities arrived haha! Like brides, abo, 69, creampie...

    Anyways! Thank you if you managed to read through so far~


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