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  • Searching for Gentle Doms and Power-Bottoms! MxF and maybe MxFuta?

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hey all, Chloe here. On the menu today is me! As usual, but like as a guy and hopefully being the bottom. Basic outline of my characters for this style of rp would be like, average height, pretty in-shape, sorta introverted but not in a doormat kinda way, in a like "ugh, people" kinda way. At least that's their starting point, we'll see what develops as we plan stuff.

    It may not seem like it from this thread, but I'm very experienced! I have about like 6 or 7 years of roleplaying under my belt and some strong language skills.

    Quick list of my kinks; Favorites will be marked with a *
    Feet (Only footjobs and teasing, nothing major) *
    Gentle Femdom *
    Cowgirl *
    Handjobs *
    Teasing *
    Ageplay (Always a bit of fun to have a younger boy and older woman, if you ask me. Ask about age and stuff in pms!)
    Light Bondage (Think fluffy handcuffs, collars, etc.)
    Making Out (Especially in risky places! A supply closet in a lecture hall, or maybe an empty class room, the possibilities are limitless.)
    Futa/Strapons (Maybe? This is mostly up to my partner.)

    And some plots/pairings!
    College Students: Our characters are students in the same class, who kinda sorta know eachother but not really. Do they like eachother? Hate eachother? Mildly dislike eachother? Thats for us to decide, but some enemies to lovers vibes could be cool. Anyway, they end up being paired up for a two person project and have to overcome the awkwardness that ensues. A hook for them to sort of "break the ice" (if you can call fucking the shit out of eachother that) could be that they individually get invited to a party, one of us ends up drinking a biiit too much, or is just a lightweight, and then the other takes them back to their dorm/apartment out of a sense of obligation, and smut ensues. Totally also wanna make them fall for eachother romantically! Fluff is great and I'd love to incorporate it, so this would work well for a longer term plot.

    Babysitter X Teen/Tween

    Older Sister X Younger Brother


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