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  • Shall we build a story together?

    I figured I should put up some ideas I have! Full disclosure I'm used to mostly ERP but am happy to play something pg should someone want that! Check out my preferences and if those are okay with you, let's talk! Here are a mix ideas that might be fun. Fandom or otherwise

    - Keith had been expecting something to go wrong. They had landed on a planet to promote the peaceful state of the Voltron coalition. But this planet was far more than they had expected. What seemed like a peaceful and innocent planet, had shown it's true colors. When they spent the night in the palace. And a royal had come to Keith's room, capturing him away. Keith knew not the intention but he knew this was anything but peaceful. And he has no way of calling for help. Not unless he could reach his paladin gear. The task was not as easy as it sounded. Keith didn't know what he was in for. 

    - Ellie is a business woman, she works hard to make her stand in the world. Her friend stops by her work, giving her a coupon. It's for a new place opening up in her city. It's supposed to entertaining, shocking, amazing. And it's opening late that night. She's a bit unsure about it. After all, it sounds sketchy. But after some begging from her friend, she reluctantly agreed. As the night finally came, she went to the grand new building with her friend. It was only then, that she realized what this was. Some ridiculous late night hypnosis show. She had been tricked. All Ellie's friends knew she hated such a staged thing like hypnosis. So they often made it a joke. They'd take her to a show, laugh as she picked apart all the tacky and staged parts of a show. Little does Ellie know... This show is so much different than any of the shows she's ever been to. Because she meets you. A character who takes interest in her. And it's possible you decide you want to train her to fit your needs... Anything is possible!

    - Maria was not sure life blessed her with her telekinetic powers. But she was happy that she could keep people safe with them. For years she'd trained her abilities and eventually became a superhero. She wouldn't change that decision at all. She beat down down villains and brought peace to the city. That is... Until a new villain showed up. She'd fought them once or twice. And yet she just couldn't catch them. But today was a different day. Upon hearing that this villain was at the museum trying to steal high priced artifacts, she knew that she was going to finally catch them. Maria had changed into her hero costume and took off to the museum. She busted in, only to find that the captured staff were fine and didn't entirely seem captive. "Miss Mind-" One said using her hero name, "We're so sorry. The villain promised to leave the museum be if we got you here somehow" Maria tensed. "What-" And what happened next... She never expected... 


    These are just a couple small ideas to give you a peek at how I write and how it can vary! So if you like an idea or want to build a new one together from the ground up, definitely reach out!

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