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  • Shana's big trove of VERY NICHE request (On constant update)

    Shana Valentine
    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Ok you beautiful duwangs, what will follow is a list of CONSTANTLY UPDATING plots I'd like to play. Be prepared, I am into very extreme and/or  niche stuff. 

    Don't care about the order, I like all my plots equally! I don't want novel-length posts and I am okay with grammatical errors, but try at least to be a little detailed when you write. The more you do it, the more I will follow that style!

    All the images are just references! Feel free to send your own images instead!




    About my kinks: I love everything related to virility. I love worshipping ballsmuscles, every kind of cock, the bigger the better. I'm into rimming too.

    The best,  though, is the contrast between holiness and lewdness. I like to see concepts like true love applied to dirty things like the aforementioned stuff I'd like to worship. For example, I find the thought of a young maiden struck by cupid's arrow the instant she looks at the huge, sweaty balls of a horse extremely exciting!

    Speaking of horses, I love bestiality. I am into ageplay too!

    A total favourite of mine is transformation, even better if forced! Maximum points when it causes a mental change!

    Talking about orgasms, the stronger the better. I love those toe curling,mind shattering climaxes that last a long time.

    1: Divine "ascension"




    I'm willing to play as a pious, religious woman of any settings (be it a Christian nun, a Warhammer 40k Adepta Sororitas, a cleric from a fantasy setting, you choose) who is chosen by a divine being to trascend her wordly existence, becoming something far greater. Basically, one divinity (played by you) will morph them into their own huge, ultra-virile, divine cock. After all, if MC served YC for their whole life as their right hand, why sholdn't they become your cum-spewing pride if you need to?

    I love the idea of a paragon of chastity and femininity to become its exact opposite. I am interested in more than physical sensations, since I'd like her mind and very essence to change gradually. I don't care which kind of cock it is, either. Knotted, flared, normal, alien, how many balls does it have, the color of its hairs... You will be the God ( or futa goddess) I will become part of.

    I know it's ultra niche, but I've been searching this for a while, so if you are curious to try this send me a text!

    1.5 A plot example of 1

    I will play as a faithful Paladin of a peculiar Goddess who you will play as. You will tell my character that she has been chosen to aid her in order to create a demigod. Blinded by her hubris, the Paladin Isolde will help her Goddess, thinking of her own ascension imminent. The final truth will be far more sinister (or, in this case, fucking hot). As Isolde has served you an inexorable right hand, she will have the right and duty to become your gigantic,  ultra-virile instrument of life for all eternity. 

    Surely, she will try to fight  her destiny for a while, but that's even more fun, right?





    2: How to train your mortal child


    I was thinking about the classical ending of a DnD campaign of high level. Sometimes, people of humble origins become gods. But what happens to their families, to those they've left behind?

    Your character was a simple peasant woman who ascended. Something went wrong though, and the portfolio assigned to you as a God was malehood and all its responsabilities. 

    That's where you decided to appear all the way back in your home, where your only child of 10 waited. You have only a way to grant him (or her) immortality: by making him your wife in the heavens. Problem is the, more you go on, the more you feel your divine powers urging you to take charge of your role. In the end your own arrogance  will take hold, and you will start to see MC as just a sort of mortal sex toy.

    You know on how usually deities in fantasy worlds have their own mega-OP artifact? Like, Aurelia's golden crown, the Spear of Athena, the Shield of... etc etc? Well, in the end you will need a new divine cock-holster, or some type of cock-ring. YC will transform MC into it.

    I want to be HEAVILY dominated, no mercy shown to me. With godlike powers, you can do anything you want. In the end, I except to be transformed into a semi-inanimate object of your choice!


    3: Horsin' around


    Still talking about magic mishaps, I'd like to see you playing as a magician who either is or turns himself into a voluptuous woman.

    You always wanted an heir and, as seasoned magician, you decided to do this in the worst best way possible, that is by casting a spell. The magic involved is quickly revealed to be too much for you to handle, reshaping reality and the laws of fate all around you, transforming yourself into a hyper-fertile woman, ready for impregnation.

    My character, a former 10 years old girl (who could be a family member, an assistant, an unfortunante passerby) gets transformed too into a breeding-focused horse. Magic made this possible and, while both the victims of the spell could fight their new instincts for a while, they are DESTINED to be together and to procreate, losing themselves in their roles as the bred and the breeder.

    3.1: A variation: While the plot specifically said horse, I'm not opposed to other kind of animals. From huge, muscular mastiffs to tremendous tiger, passing even between giant spiders ready to bloat your character with eggs! The more exotic the better!

    4: There's no way my little sister is the next step in human evolution!?... And I'm gonna be her bride?!

    Following a medical mishap or simply the laws of nature bending for a moment, a special girl was born, introducing my futanari character Satsuki Fujisawa. 

    There is not much to say about this plot, apart from the fact that despite her young age of 12, Fujisawa is far superior to any living being, in particular males. Every trope of futanari applies to her, with increased size, libido, overwhelming aphrodisiac musk and the ability to make anyone slave for her with a single thrust, breaking bitches and minds alike.

    In a few years from her sexual awakening, Satsuki gathered a cult following of women (and a few men) who would die for a taste of her. But even then, with the maternity leaves of her city skyrocketed and many broken pelvises later, Satsuki felt a hole in heart not even her enormous cock would fill... She needed a mate, a loving cumdump who was durable enough to suffer her full undivided attention for the rest of her life... Enter your character!

    With growing concern for the situation, politicians decided to opt for the lesser evil: to deliver to Satsuki what she wanted. So, not only you got turned as a girl with all the needed enhancements to survive the ordal with this beast of a pint-sized futanari, but you are legally her property to use as she wanted.

    Trust me. It will not be an easy ride.







    5: The fastest way to a woman's heart is cock

    This plot is kinda exclusive to Kingdom Hearts' series, but I'll try to explain it clearly anyway.

    Do you remember when, at the end of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep our hero Terra gets possessed by Xehanort? Well, in this version of the story the things went a little differently.

    You see, this time Xehanort managed to possess Aqua


    Problem is he didn't know what he was getting himself into.

    You see, Terra and Aqua have always been close. Very close, in fact, due to them being a couple of disgusting perverts. With Aqua being an extreme sub and Terra happy to indulge in those passions, there is nothing they did not try. After all those years, Aqua's body had become a well oiled machine, with Terra as its master. Like pressing piano keys to perform a melody, every secret button in the girl's psyche and body was discovered and tuned to perfection. "AQUA, SIT!" and she would do that without thinking, for example. Two well placed curled fingers in the right place would make her cum instantly and with great vigor. Of course, they were simply playing. Aqua's will was unbreakable after all, so nothing serious came out from those nightly escapades... But could the same be said with an untrained heart inhabiting her body?

    I want to play as Dark Aqua, and I don't want to be just dominated. I want a skilled trainer to make Xehanort lose his sense of self, merging with Aqua's real heart, unlocking a true final form of lewdness! You can do whatever you want to me, knowing well that our dear Darkqua will try to kill you at the beginning... But with all the control you have on her/his body, it will be no big deal, right?

    Optional: BONUS points, HUGE BONUS POINTS if Terra in this version of the story is a futanari, and not a dude. I'll worship your balls with much more glee in that case!


    6: A change of views

    A terrible epidemic swept through the world, focusing itself on men, transforming them into women. Not everyone fell ill of course, but enough for the knowledge of it to become widespread. Not every transformed male would become beautiful, but all of them became hyper-fertile and highly susceptible of womanly instincts. While a normal natural-born woman could just admire a particularly pleasurable male body, the victim of the illness would feel near debilitating arousal. They quickly became a protected category of people.

    I'd like to play as the now Samantha Williams, a former father who is now forced to raise his (her) teen daughter. Always a strict man, now a strict woman, her personality wasn't  didn't improve after the illness. I would like for you to play as one man  (the more manly the better) hired by the daughter to break her former father, claiming Samantha as his woman.


    A nice variation I am willing to play is for the daughter to be a muscular futanari (because a variation of the illness) who wants to take Samantha as her slut-wife, exploiting the new psyche of her father.




    7: Touch the darkness deep inside, Ashen one

    How many times we've seen the story of muscular breeding machines who simply destroyed your character's ass and mind, impregnating her with triplets? Well, now I'd like to subvert the trope a little, playing as a muscular futanari breeding machine who needs to be convinced into her natural role as an alpha "male". I have a couple of plots I'd like to follow, both from the Dark Souls series.



    Priscilla, played by me, was considered an abomination  of nature, shunned by both Gods and Dragons and sealed into the painted world of Ariamis. Always treated as a Princess, she had always been at odds with her body, muscular enough to shame Gods and with an endowment to make Ancient Dragon jealous. Beneath the calm facade, lies a beast who wants nothing more than lose herself into her own instincts. You choose if you already knew this, or discover it when you see her. Anyway, she will get seduced and lose control. Expect a lot of instinct play, focused about breeding, mounting, growling and all that jazz, as well with insane quantities of dragon-cum. A female is required, since I'd like for Priscilla to impregnate her mate!



    If you are a Souls serie fan, you most probably know about the sub-quest where you bring the Fair Lady Queelan a TON of humanities in order to restore her health. Sadly, Chaos mutations took a toll on the woman, changing her very nature at the core.

    But what if, this time, her health DOES improve? What if, this time, she recovers her sight, and movement? I am thinking of a slow-burn romance when, in the dead world of Dark Souls, maybe there can be new beginnins. I'd like to RP  a slow coming-back-to-health for  Queelan as my character, that has anyway to adapt to her new, mutated body. It will conclude with her accepting her new nature, trying to begin a new life with your character.

    Since Queelan will have an ovipositor, a good part of the RP (but not most of it) will be focused on you making her accept her malehood. She will grow more confident over time, but never feral. At the end of the RP, expect anyway the usual does of mind-shattering orgasms I usually provide in my writing, along with a ton of egg-flation with size play. I accept any partner, but I'd like for you to lean on the more feminine side, since Queelan will be the "male" on the relationship and you will be the "female". Of course that doesn't mean you can't play a man/femboy ❤️

    8: Chronicles of the Dragon King

    WARNING: This story is completely focused about Power Play, where I play a literal futanari Goddess and you will get degraded in every way we see fit. Somewhere along your fantasies are getting transformed into a sentient object? Cock-vored? Absorbed? Having your very being destroyed and reformed with a single trust of a divine cock? Go no futher, and ask me. Not for the faint of heart.

    This RP has your generic fantasy world as setting, except for one caveat: One  mortal fought tooth and nail until she became the supreme ruler of the Gods (and, by proxy, the world). The Dragon King has complete control over reality, but he enjoys leaving the mortals free to live their lives in tranquillity.

    He, nonetheless, loves to be adored and, even if he doesn't force anyone to, welcomes any requesto to serve him. Amongst every demigod he sired, a good number of them asked to become either one of his many godly wives or toys. Legends say his own firstborn got absorbed, now part of his dragonhood.

    So, if are a demigod, a God, a peasant child, a prince, anything, just ask away! Just remember, complete submission is required, and prepare to be reshaped.

    A couple of references for my character



    9: Womb of the Ruined King

    I admit, I'm not that well-versed into the League of Legends lore, but as I undertood it the dear Viego literally possesses various champions, while spasmodically and desperately searching for her lost wife, now reincarnated into a doll.

    Anyway, I was thinking about playing as a shortstack yordle who Viego is possessing in that particular moment. Since, you know, yordle make perfect cocksleeves, it is your chance to DESTROY his mind and save Runeterra!

     I'd really like to see every trope of hyper virility under the sun: musk, mating presses, big dick(s). I'd like for the RP to contain a scene where MC takes it all-the-way-through and gets used as a masturbation tool: that will be the exact moment when his mind will break.

    Bonus point if you can RP a Futanari Lillia... Or a futanari Gwen!



    10: Arabian Nights

    Hey guys, mind if I fuck up your (our) childhood a little?

    I will keep it simple. I'd really like to go for an Aladdin roleplay, where I'll play as the titular protagonist and you (hopefully) will play as Jasmine.

    After a Genie wish gone awry, we find ourselves with body and minds transformed. Aladdin is now a dark-skinned goddess, while Jasmine gets changed into a huge, feral beast of sort. I was thinking about a kind of giant, demonic dog, but as every plot of mine we can surely discuss about it before we begin!

    What else is there to say... Any objection they might have is quickly drowned as they mate relentlessy, their unnatural offspring ready to take Agrabah by storm!s


    Bonus point for this even more niche variation: What if Jasmine, instead of becoming a beast, literally EXPLODES IN A WRITHING MASS OF DEMONIC TENTACLES, after losing control of her own body and mind due to that magic spell? Yeah, I'm wet just thinking about it!



    Image of Aladdin after the change (choose one)




    11: I see no daddy in this house... except me!

    Don't worry, Yaoi lovers! I have a plot for you too!

    Be it by magic or just because he is ten times the man than you are, your son managed to become the man on the house. He destroyed every little bit of your marital life, claiming your wife (his mother) and your daughters (his sisters) to serve him. He metaphorically emasculated you for more times than you can count, but for a secret reason you don't know yet: he wants you to be his "woman"!

    That's right! It was love at first sight! Maybe you nudged him in the right direction, or maybe he conquered you by his own accord! Anyway, now he is your man, and even if laws and customs are against it, he is going to conquer you in a sort of twisted honeymoon in your marital bed!



    12: My Girlfriend and Jealous Sister Both Accidentally Ascended Into Goddesses and Now I'm Caught In The Middle 

    I know, I know. At this point I am getting kinda predictable. In more than half of my plots, someone gets unlimited power and there is some kind of transformation. Well, this time I trust you with my destiny! You will play as TWO characters, but I swear it will be worth your effort. Whatever dark fetish you  bring to the table, if you go for plot 12 I will accept it, mostly because I find the idea insanely hot. 

    Basically, as the title says, both MC's GF and sister decided to wage war against each other after obtaining unlimited power to change reality... until, after a while, they fell in love with each other. They may have plans to completely reshape the universe for their union, or simply lay back and live a normal (if eternal) life. Problem is, MC has been chosen as the symbol of cessation of hostilities.

    What does that mean? You decide! The possibilities are endless. They can transform me into an immortal, mindless beast to fuck them... They can both merge inside MC's and create a totally new Supreme Being before resetting the universe. They can get MC's pregnant with their star spawn after morphing into two mouth-watering male gods, lock him/her endless orgasm while they watch for eternity, transform MC into an abstract concept... You tell me! 



    13: That time I was reincarnated as the Supreme Queen of Hell

    As an old life ends, a new beginning arises! MC, a real slob of a man, gets reincarnated in another world as the new Demon Queen, so hideous was his nature. His new job? To completely enslave the world with his new armies!

    What he didn't realize is that the Queen is the only demon female, and for him to gather an army, he would literally have to birth them, one by one.

    Your role as a demon is to explain to the new Queen how to satisfy a male demon. Don't be fooled, she won't just take it submissively. Even if you have a mastodontic angel-taming fucklog, the demon queen is an absolute power bottom, who will try her very best to learn how satisfy you and get pregnant.

    You can play ANYTHING you want, from tentacle monsters to giant demon minotaurs. Even angels if you want so. 



    14: Please, Author! Change me!

    Hi guys! Let's do something a bit more meta! 

    I'd like you to play literally a Narrator, an author of a story that can communicate directly with MC, a gentle girl protagonist of a realistic romantic-novel.

    By communicating with you, she wants to make a deal: you can write a porn story with whatever fucked up fetish you like. When you are done with her, you will have to write/draw about MC getting transformed into an "inanimate" object, who would be filled with sperm, cumming endlessy for all eternity until she will lose herself, "living" happily ever after in pure ecstasy.


    15: Destroying Bulma Briefs


    We've all had a once in a lifetime crush on Bulma, especially when paired with Trunks or Goten. I propose that idea but taken to an incredible new level of perversion and kinkiness, especially since I will be playing Bulma. So my idea is centered on the fact that Bulma is almost alone at home due to her husband's and Goku's training, for this reason she is very bored and decides to "have fun" in ways that are not suited to a milf like her.

    She decides to take the opportunity one day when Chi-Chi leaves Goten there for a few days, in order for Bulma to take care of him. Her plan, however, is very different, in fact Bulma immediately tries to seduce the boy to get fucked by him, and the plan succeeds. But Bulma didn't expect one: the boy's uncontrollable strength. Compared to adult Saiyans who manage to control their strength, Goten can't, in fact as soon as she starts fucking the woman she gets banged left and right like a doll.

    At first, Goten is surprised, but some perverse sadistic instinct quickly awakens in him, leading him to go faster and stronger, believing that the woman is as resistant as a Saiyan. For example, a slap on bulma's ass turns into a blow that makes the sound of thunder and leaves a big bruise on her big ass. A cock strike in her face results in Bulma being thrown away like paper as if hit by a strong punch. While a strong thrust from behind is so strong that it could end up sticking bulma's head into a wall. But the best part is yet to come.

    At one point Goten decides to take Bulma for a ride and by pushing his cock inside her ass, he starts flying. Obviously at very high speed and since Goten is not used to all that weight he swerves repeatedly, eventually crashing the poor woman to the ground several times. Or, simply for fun, use her to break through some building like a bullet. And why not, suffocate her a little by bringing her to the upper part of the atmosphere?

    I want a BRUTAL, no holds barrel RP where Bulma gets absolutely abused and destroyed.

    BONUS POINTS: After using the Dragon Balls as oversized anal beads, Goten summons Shenron from INSIDE bulma, and express one wish to even further degrade here. We can choose together: inanimate transformation, bimbofication, anything you may want, just tell me.  Usually I don't do that, but for this RP I can accept even to blow bulma up with Goten's orgasm in a fountain of blood.

    I can play both Bulma and Goten. 

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    Shana Valentine

    Posted (edited)

    Updated! I'd really like to play plot 1 and 3...

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    "There's no way my little sister is the next step in human evolution!?... And I'm gonna be her bride?!" 



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    Shana Valentine

    Posted (edited)

    I've been ghosted, so requests are up again!

    Edited by Shana Valentine
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    Bumpity bump! Working on some new plots, but still can't find the right inspiration...

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    Cool, I was in RP with 3 people and they ALL ghosted me! Bleh!

    That means I'm waiting for you all to PM me!  

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    Plot 7 Added! I'm free right now, so come and pick one! Remember, if there are any details you don't like in any of the plots, we can discuss them and tailor the writing to our preferences!

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