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  • Smutty Yandere. (M looking for F)

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    Nothing special, just what seems to be a basic romance story on first glance. 
    My character would be someone who isn't too sociable, maybe a college dropout living alone and getting by working at a convenience store (or something similar) while spending most time at home. Your character could run into mine either at work as customer, new employee, or in any other way you'd like. Maybe even having known each other way back but didn't keep in touch. Yours would get a little obsessed for some magical reason, stalking mine, finding excuses to bump into each other, or even seek shelter. Eventually trying to win mine over in more worrisome or lewd ways. 
    It can either end in a dark way, exploring some psychological themes of how mine became codependent and they live out their lives in rather unhealthy mental states. Or both grow and flourish in a healthy romantic relationship. Alternatively we could also add some other things; your character turning out to be a succubus, monster girl or whatever else, and spin it into a more complex story. (Hooray for slime girls!) 
    Also up for any idea you might want to throw in! 

    I don't mind playing as a male, female or futa, doesn't make much difference to me personally. Your character would be the female yandere, not a full on psychotic one who goes on killing sprees though. As mentioned, not strictly limited to being human.

    I'll happily include all the things listed in my preference sheet, since the characters' relationship is pretty much aimed to be full of smut. In particular your character suggesting or demanding to try things out, and mine eventually wanting to do that even more than yours. We can play out everything from light to hardcore stuff, except what is listed in the "won't do" section of my sheet.


    Thanks a bunch for taking the time to read this! 
    If interested, don't hesitate to send me a text and throw in some suggestions if you have any.
    Hopefully didn't forget to add anything important.


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