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    (For those of you who have not read my profile, please check the Important bold note i put on there. It will make things easier so i don't neex to describe characters too much.)

    if there's one thing most robots enjoyed after almost 3 different wars, it's experimentation. Humanity was extinct to a degree, though human cloning was done through a process. Machine lifeforms, however, ruled these humans. Oddly enough, all humans that now existed were female, and were near obedient to robotkind.


    a special kind of maze was put together for some of these humans, but today, another robot, a derelict 2B War android, was put inside, stripped of it's original code and reformatted specifically for the maze. She was not programmed to be able to fight, and though denial was in her code, resistance was not. This special maze housed a series of corridors and rooms, each room housing a trap of sorts. These traps were laid out specifically, not for pain, but for sexual molestation. They were designed in such a way that once the subject finally exited the maze after possibly days, she would be impregnated indefinitely. This was done in a fashion not only to create a show for those females watching, but to allow even robots to legally and forcefully have their way with humans, as typically they held themselves in the same regard as their citizenry by abiding their own laws.


    the 2B model, in her original combat attire, was dropped into the maze, females and robots cheering in the crowd. For this robot, it was fight or flight. And she was unable to fight. She will not survive the maze. Every trap will rewrite her code more and more. And by the time she gets out, only a sex slave will remain.


    (hooray! I made a RP on my favorite game, Nier Automata. Now if you haven't please read my preferences before asking to RP. And if you like, you can also be another human that got trapped in the maze, but playing 2B is required. I will be exclusively playing as "the maze", and by that i mean i will take control of the traps inside each room. Lets have some fun!)


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    Hmm, this sounds interesting. I admit I haven't played that game you mentioned, but I'm interested in the idea of playing a robot.

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