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  • (Sub M x Dom Futa) College Romance, and more?

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hey all! I'm interested in playing a college freshman, new to the city and without any friends yet, and YC notices that he's not exactly a "manly man" and takes him under her wing. I'd love for them to be in an actual relationship instead of just fucking, of course there's still going to be a lot of fucking, but a plot is nice to have too ^^. MC will be a virgin so I'd love for him to be surprised that he's taking up the ass on his first time. He's also going to be a more feminine type, both mentally and physically, but still dresses and acts masculine, but this can potentially change over the course of the RP with YC encouraging him.

    Alternatively, if that's not your cup of tea;

    I'm also a big fan of Futa X Shota! Mothers, Aunts, Teachers, Babysitters, you name it! I love a futa who turns a shota into a cumdump slowly but surely, so that would be a fun thing to try too! 

    Some Favourite Kinks; Anal, Creampies, Excessive Cum, Gentle Dom, Facials, Big Cocks, and waaay more...

    I'd love to talk more in private about either of these, brainstorming is great! So don't be afraid to pm me!



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