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    "This RP will be open to a total of three people before I take it down. I hope that everyone tries to get in here and have some fun with this limited time offer of a special RP made by me ^_^"

    Shuya grumbled softly as he walked out of the doors of the college. It was simply a very shitty day in which he wasn't able to get anything done. They way he walked and his facial expression in that moment made him look very dark and brooding. His ears were flattened against the top of his head and tail was whipping annoyedly behind him. 'Twas simply not his day.

    A rustling could be heard from the bushes to the side of him. A girl, who is rather small for her age, leaps from the shrubbery and latches onto Shuya's waist, a comical expression on her face that was meant to look fierce. She let out an adorable growl as she pounced from the shrubs. He chuckles softly and ruffles the hair on her head.

    "Hehe~ Good afternoon, mon chére~ How was your day, love?~"

    Her eyes open and she looked up at him with soft, seductive eyes. She pushed her breasts up against his body as she got closer to him, standing on her tip toes to kiss him. She was oddly sexy when she was quiet like this, and it was on thing that he'd definitely had to get used to.

    He returned her kiss, pressing his lips against her full, soft and supple ones. Her hands found their way to his tail before the start to twist it slightly around her experienced fingers. His breath caught in his throat as she did this, the reason being that the tail of a Neko is horribly sensitive to the touch. She breaks the kiss and they look at each other with needy eyes. He was half tempted to just hide behind the bush and pleasure each other like they had the day before, but he knew that they couldn't risk it once more. Begrudgingly, he takes her home on his back, feeling her voluptuous breasts pressed against his back as he walks.

    They arrive at the house and he unlocks the door before quickly entering and closing the door behind them. Now was his chance.

    As she slid off of his back, he turned around and picked her up, pinning her against the door as she wraps her legs around his waist in joy. His lips connected with hers and then slowly made their way from hers to her cheek, then the underside of her chin, and then to the soft, supple flesh of her neck. His pointed, razor sharp fangs graze against the side of her neck right above her jugular before he leans up and kisses and nibbles on her earlobe

    "God dammit, Raleigh... Look what you've done to me~"


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