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    Hii, there! My name is ProtoRat, and I am a [22 year old male seeking female] seeking to roleplay with some poor fellow who decides my prompt is good enough to run with! Let me start off with what I’m looking for and then I’ll give you a description of the world I’ve constructed for the RP. 
        -This RP is a mix of [NSFW, Slice of Life, Anthro]
        -I will primarily be playing [Male, seeking Dominant Female], and ONLY females. Not his playing as girls preferably. 
        -[1-5 Paragraphs] preferred. I don’t mind some flexibility
        -I’m from the [Americas, Central Time], but I exist in odd hours.

    The Big Good Wolf: I play the part of a tall, broad, strong, anthro wolf. You play the part of a girl who doesn't care.  As in you're so far from scared of me that you decide to intimidate me instead! Whatever you do is up to you but when you're happy with what you've done to me,  you decide to take it a step further. You slap a collar on me,  and you decide you're going to shape me up and train me for your own bidding! Congratulations,  you gave a brand new pet and im on my knees now doing everything you say and want

    I'll message you my kinks and limits as my first message, should you be interested! Im just running out of space haha. So if you're interested,  DMs always open,  and remember that if you don't like my kinks and limits just don't reply to me!


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