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    Queen Gwendolyn of Neuland -
    A once stern and proud queen. One night she discovered the pleasures of cheating on her husband, and has since become incredibly turned on by seeing dicks that don't belong to the king. Human, elf, orc, monster, beast, it doesn't matter what the member belongs to, as long as it's throbbing and in her face, that's all that matters to her.

    She began to sneak out of the castle most nights, finding mere peasants to fornicate with for the evening. She also became something of a drunkard. She would go to pubs and play a game with the locals. The first man to buy her enough drinks to get her drunk would be allowed to creampie her royal pussy. A game she didn't mind losing at all. Many rumours follow the queen due to her late night adventures. Some say she gets turned on by the thought of getting impregnated, and has even given birth to an orc baby in the past, not that anyone outside the castle has seen such a thing. And some say that she's becoming more and more of a size queen in recent years, and that she has a Queen of Spades tattoo on her arse. 

    All that's known for sure is that this queen is a slut! And will do anything for a rough fucking from the locals.


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