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  • THREE. PORNOGRAPHIC body swap plots~!

    🔫 Writer's Bullet Points! 🔫

    • I  can RP [Male/Female/ or Trans] characters!
    • I'm looking to RP against [Male] characters.
    • All plots listed are focused around/include a body swap unless mentioned otherwise!



    Prompt #1

    Buddies, Bodies, and Breeding! -- [Pornhub's Newest Sitcom][#Body Swap]


    Meet Finn. Freshman at Little Wood University.
    Finn is a young, twenty something, [black twink/asian boy/islamic twunk].
    Fresh out of his parent's house, Finn has a secret...
    -[In the Closet. Parents don't know]
    -[12 inch cock]
    -[Complete Virgin]

    Meet his newest roommate, [insert character name here].

    After moving in together Finn and [insert character name here] don't get along. Issues pop up including [racism/noise issues/homophobia/character differences/age difference] only for the duo to discover a secret after a few drinks.

    After the two boys drunkenly high-five, they wake up in each other's body!

    Can the roomies find a use for this new superpower? What other secrets are lying in wait? Can Finn finally score a boyfriend while keeping his sexuality a secret from his parents?

    Maybe with the help of a new friend?

    Finn: My mom set me up on a blind date...
    ???: I have an idea. Let me go for you.
    *Audience: "oooooooh.......!"*

    ???: You got an invite to Taylor's party?! Dude. You've GOT to let me go!
    Finn: No way! This is my chance to score a dude!
    [ ??? sneaks into Finn's bed the night before the party. ]

    Laughs. Tears. And more in [B.B.B]!!

    Critics are raving...
    -"it feels kind of racist?"
    -"big TIDDY milfs!"
    -"god has abandoned us."
    -"i laughed, i cried, i came."


    Sitcom-vibe buddy film!

    Knocking every tab of Pornhub in the most irreverent way!
    Select Category: [STRAIGHT][BI][GAY]


    Prompt #2

    My So Called "Best Friend" [Humiliation, Cuckolding, Possible Raceplay][#Body Swap]


    Sometimes you have that friend.

    The weird guy who hangs around you and despite subtle efforts (read: not inviting them, blowing them off, making plans without them) they show up.

    A & B's moms are best friends.  Because they're close friends, they expect the same from their sons.

    • [ A ] Hot, hung, popular. The type of popularity can vary. Prep student, jock, student counsel president, or the boy next door who everyone had a brief crush on! It doesn't matter which, somehow they're the person that everyone wants to be and that includes B.
    • [ B ] That Guy. Built: Unfortunate. Squirrely with a rat face or bursting at the seams of their sweats in all the ways that don't count. But they top off those unfortunate looks with an even more unappealing personality.  Racist, homophobic, misogynistic. Spoiled like three-month old milk. Their best moments are their exits.

    Due to A & B's parents; A is forced to choke down complaints and keep company with him.
    If he goes to a party? B goes to a party. If he's got a date? B has a date. Now what if you end up lending your body out to "That Guy?"

    • [ Tech Route ] Whoops. That'll be fixed next patch! Due to a hiccup in virtual reality, A and B were uploaded to the wrong bodies.
      A ends up walking out with a massive nerf and B experiences the joy of an OP build, all the while getting the chance to let a few choice indiviudals experience the feeling of being "busted" open!
    • [ Reality TV ] Lucky, lucky! A or B has a chance to participate in a new reality show! "Besties" the show where you and your best friend try to keep it under wraps! A will be lucky if B keeps it wrapped up. His illustrious best friend going on a rampage through his social life all while on a hidden camera!


    Possible Modifiers

    • Racist Best Friend - A might not talk about his BBC. But B certainly will! It's time for a black/white out.
    • Sexuality Not Included - A is [STRAIGHT/GAY] and B is not, it's certainly not his problem to uphold A's sexuality either!
    • Risky Sex - Dice rolls determine if B leaves behind sprouts after plowing and sowing his seed.



    Prompt #4

    Karma - Case Closed/Detective Conan [#Body Swap]


    Detective of the East caught in another compromising situation!

    ...due to the newest, in a long line of useless inventions from Dr. Agasa, freshly legal Jimmy Kudo ends up switched with resident joke, Richard Moore. An incident that his reputation won't recover from anytime soon.

    [The Sell]: An upgrade to Jimmy's watch! The needle not only knocks the target out, it stimulates the vocal chords, so the user can directly through them. No bowtie, no speakers necessary!

    [The Result]: Turns out hooking two people's nervous systems up together is a bad idea. Jimmy and Richard drop and the two detectives wake up as each other.

    [The Aftermath]: Richard enjoys his 20's. Jimmy regrets using the watch. The longer things are dragged out, the more Jimmy is framed as a incompetent pervert, while Richard's career is on the rise!

    Looking for a Richard to be a perv.

    If that involves being kept by the Selmas or fucking Dr. Anita senseless.. our new protag is drowning in action. tagged a few but we could always work in one-time characters coming to show their "thanks" to the famous Jimmy Kudo.

    This is aimed after the events of the series. Jimmy is an adult. The Sleeping Sleuth is no more. Richard knows the secret of Conan Edogawa.



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