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  • Trapped on the Island of the Amazons

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    Tried this idea a while back but my partner bailed....I loved the basic plot and thought I'd like to re introduce it.

    There's a small privately owned island in the South Pacific that's populated by a race of futas, modern day amazons.  They had what they  thought was a perfect life but over the years their population has been shrinking.  They had only two choices, neither one very good...either let their race die off or kidnap girls from the mainland and other countries for breeders.

    They sent notices on line, offering free vacations---women only, no men allowed---only condition was they had to leave their cell phones, tablets and laptops at home.

    This is a women only plot request, sorry guyslarge.futa-solo-futanari-incase-4882131_01CYEC4F6NTBFCN39VJQ5CE7E3.1024x0.jpg.665aab7cf4d64b442083d032b6cdc2fe.jpg


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