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    Sir Bane
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    Hey I am Sir Bane,  I am looking for an active and genuine partner who could play the female character in my play.


    It will be a one day story... Between a priest and a female who is an advocate and female counselor. A month back, one night, y/c gets a call from the nun of the most reputed church in the city. The nun  asks for help, y/c decides to meet her next morning. But unfortunately, nun's dead body if found. You take the case and one clue leads to other which hints that she was being sexually abused by someone from the church and then murdered. This case has taken the peace from you...one day you get another call from another Nun and she reveals that its not about just one Nun but many of them get raped every day. You meet her and she revealls the main priest of the church is the one who is doing it. But y/c just cannot accuse the priest because he is reputed and this conspiracy would damage people's trust from the church, so you need a proof. The Nun adds further that he calls every Nun at a cheap motel and this Friday it's her turn. You decides that you will go instead of her and record the priests conversation which would be used as a proof.

    Now  this is back story...The plot will start from and will be of that one day when y/c confronts the priest in the motel room. Soon you will reveal your true identify and the priest who is smart and experienced...he will give you challenge that if you can, make him speak the truth, about what he is doing with nuns he will surrender himself!  A good conversation will take place between you and him in which he, instead, will manipulate you and pulls out slut into you. The entire night he will use you the way he wants and next day your dead body would be found too. Now m/c will be 59 years old, about y/c you can keep her young or mature and married with kids.

    Interested can inbox me. Thanks and regards.


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