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    Sir Bane
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    I have this rough concept, which I really want to do, it is very cruel dark and forbidden...though I will state it roughly as it come to my mind...if you like it we can discuss it more.

    ( a housewife, wife of a police man, having a 5 years old kid. I mean you know how is the life of police family, not enough money lives in shabby apartment and that's why most of them take bribe, but her man is a honest dude. So house condition is not good. But she is having a affair with local cheap thug of same of her and husband's age. He has no manners no respect but he has his way with females and that's how he trapped her into an affair.  Every time when husband is on duty he comes to their house and fucks her brains out, no matters if son is watching or not.)


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